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“www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYo-TZNId8o I truly enjoyed the book. The forward written by vocal great Bobby McFerrin (who has spoken, performed, and lived so eloquently as an example of the power of music) about the important and formative role music played in his childhood and how this book reminded him of what music meant to him growing up with parents who filled their family’s life with music. Not heavy with a melody, the song, as performed by Shure Knice, is rhythmic and softly rapping, which will make it easier for non-singers to enjoy sharing with children. Just dive into the rhythm and let it flow.”

“I b tellin my cousins down south bout u dog, they thought they was rhyming til they heard u lol”


“Yo this shit is hott!! ”

“I found you I found you!!! Glad to have you on my page! Now I can add you to my favorites and listen while I'm at work!!! I hope all is well, I'll be seeing you soon either here or on FB poke poke!!! Love Lexx”

Lexx Anne - Reverbnation fan mail

“HIMBI luv wat u do en' u gat the swagga man.Date: One luv.... 10/09/2010 9:41 AM ”

Himbi reverbnation artist - fan mail

“ From: Fan - Jessero I really enjoy the tracks and will definitely become a fan,”

“From: KYLO407 I just chill champ. Still trying to get at dat #1 spot dat u been holding down for awhile”

“Artist - BMP-Ben Martinez Project LOOKING/SOUNDING GOOD!! MR KNICE ,”

“ you are good!!!! Love the music keep up the fantastic work. we gotta get on something together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Fan - jacquelinemclennan1 I just wanted to tell yu that I think ur very talented!! And keep up the great work! ;) ”


DJ TRexz - revernation fan mail

“Artist - Dust, Tha BadMan Tha Music is Official My dude!! I became a fan! Check me out tho, and do tha same if you love hard, clever bars over tough beats (you do) http://reverbnation.com/dutty44 Any And ALL listens are appreciated, so Let Me Show You Something! ~ Dust ~ .UpState NY”

“ From: Fan - shanti_delvon (Go to Page) I DIFFINATELY like what you doing. I really liked I didnt appreciate love I got that one on my list. I could see myself listening to yo music.\ ”

shanti_delvon - Reverbnation fan mail..

“Some Knice stuff there. I especially like "Just smoke wit her". I've downloaded and will air some time soon on KFAI-FM in Minneapolis. Check out my little show at: http://www.kfai.org/echochamber Respect & Dub, Dr. StrangeDub ”

“T-REXZ: like the video! keep bringing that FUNK BRUH! swing by the page and check the new track and aaaaaahhhhmmmm when we gonna colab?????????? Jan 25”

“I peeped some of your songs, and i am really feeling Just Smoke wit Her, and Glad You Turned Yourself in. I listen to alot of cats on here, and you are by far one of the better ones. Dope lyricas and beats , and good quality recordings. Nice to meet ya homie. ”

“Yo your beats are insane”

“I do like your tunes.”

“2 tell u de truth, ya muzikz de zhyt homeboi reel talk... i alzo lyke how u zpit az well big dawg no doubt...”

“I am a GROWN MAN NOOOOOWWW!!! That is the one I really like. Nice track and how you did the hook and content of lyrics was really on point”

“This is Prime 8 from the G.M.C. I just hurd "I didnt appericiate love". Sounds Hott. Keep makin that FYRE for the "O". WE GONE DO IT MAJOR! Global Mobb Clique ”

“ I knew when i heard the hook,that "Watch Me" was a bonafied hit! ”

Tone - Long Island Don

“The boi is str8 fye! He's a lock for my next shit!”

“I'm gone see to it you get your propers dawg.You put in to much work for them to not recognize you!Stay hungry imma see you get there!”

Famed orlando night club dj - Disco of Disco & the city boiz