Mr. J. Medeiros / Press

“4 out of 5 stars... Replacing tales of violence and drugs with uplifting songs that tackle the meaning of right and wrong, Friends is a fascinating examination of the human psyche... Friends Enemies Apples Apples maintains terrific continuity throughout and takes advantage of something that many artists seem to overlook these days: brevity! Clocking in around 40 minutes, Medeiros leaves no room for filler, ensuring that each track delivers quality content "Medeiros has always been known for his ability to craft rhymes around anecdotes that speak to prevalent societal issues."”

“… this is anything but your typical hip-hop EP. Instead, it builds on Medeiros’s style as it injects progression into the genre’s boom-bap roots. He also continues to flex his storytelling skills, which continue to expand and impress, on “The Measure.””

“Mr. J is one of those talents that makes you stop and wonder why more people aren’t talking about his work. His lyricism holds more similarity to that of a poet than an entertainer. His wit is quick and his tongue is sharp. He has a flow that moves both smooth and hard, backed by an energy you can hear behind every syllable and consonant. In an anemic industry where each song is sounding more and more contrived and artificial, Mr. J is a breath of fresh air.”

“4 out of 5 stars...One thing to admire in Mr. J. is his constant social activism enlivened by his breakneck rhymes. If you never hear the lyrics, the beats alone hold your attention on the album – but, Mr. J. is the consummate citizen of planet earth, whose cathexis is attuned to each bellowing cry of injustice so that he swoops onto the scene like Superman without a cape to expose spiritual wickedness in high places. …The EP is six of the smoothest tracks to date from the hip hopper who continually updates his image along with his curb appeal.”

“4.5 out of 5 ...Friends, Enemeis, Apples, Apples, is not only a tasteful album for the ages, but a true display of growth from Mr.J.Medeiros. He able to devise groundbreaking social commentary and he did it while crafting some infectious and enjoyable music that people of all shapes and sizes can enjoy and relate to. It’s rare to see a hip-hop artist in this day and age rise up to the occasion and speak for what he believes in. Hopefully more artists can take note and follow suit”

“4.5 out of 5 stars ...This album was a welcome conundrum in the fact that the music was so good from jump that I found myself able to switch back and forth between just enjoying the texture of the canvas as much as the warmth of the paint. It truly is a “living album” in that it can be played over and over, each time finding new tidbits to chew on... FEAA is truly “thinking folk music”. Top that off with a superb mix/ master and you’ll see why I have to designate this as a 4.5 star, definitive album for hip hop to learn from.”

“Bigger Than Hip-Hop or Oprah”

“Rawkus Records’ Co-founder Jarret Meyer waxes passionately about Mr. J Medeiros and what he brings to the label as an artist, stating, ‘In terms of content and artistry, Mr J. ranks among the top artists I have had the pleasure of working with. But, what separates Mr J. as an individual is an unrelenting DIY punk spirit. He is definitely a career artist who will continue to make a big impact on music and culture. ”

“Rare is it when an artist, especially in the overly macho realm of Hip Hop music, can convey a variety of emotions and ideas that don't border on the line of becoming mawkish. This elusive accomplishment was flawlessly demonstrated by Mr. J Medeiros (member of the Hip Hop group The Procussions) on his stellar solo debut Of God and Girls. With a high level of compassion and an alarmingly intense focus, Mr. J expanded the limits of what the often maligned genre can achieve by sheer willpower alone.”

“Explicitly political art (including much conscious rap) fails when it resorts to vague platitudes instead of addressing specific situations. Mr. J. Medeiros, first with his hip-hop group the Procussions and now on his own, has always recognized this trap and avoided it by relating stories and problems with a remarkable attention to detail.”

“Mr. J. Medeiros’ sound is a pulp-fiction, sternum-demolishing, torpedo-like adrenaline shot that has zeroed in on hip-hop’s Grinch-esque shrunken heart. ”

“4 out of 5 stars...Combining the talent and sensibilities of indie staples with the versatility and charisma of major label acts, Mr. J brings the best of both worlds...his sincerity and skill level make each of his conceptual songs strike Hip Hop gold. ”