Vietnam / Press

“Baltimore rapper Vietnam has hit the number 1 track on Jamsterdam Radio with his track titled "Rock For My City" off the album "One Life To Live". Check out his debut video below. Tune in daily at 10am EST and nightly at midnight to catch the Jamsterdam Top 10. It's the top 10 tracks you never heard.”

“The first impression is that Vietnam stepped into the studio with his skills and spat description-packed lyrics that tell stories in a straight no bullshit way. Vietnam’s voice graces the tracks and compliments the beats so perfectly that you’d almost think the pulse of the music ran through his veins. He feels the rhythm and gives a new melody to the songs with his fluid style. In a time when slow, easily understandable rhymes over mainstream bass beats are popular, Vietnam stays true and kicks wisdom into his tunes, displaying a mastery of the language with abundant metaphors and intensely descriptive flows that draw you into the music. His true heart-felt emotion is apparent on all of the tracks on One Life To Live and in a time when knowledge-based, lyrically-focused, rhyme-oriented hip-hop is on the slide, this is an album you should have in your collection as a constant reminder of times past and possibilities still to come, because Vietnam has dropped a classic indie gem h”

“One thing I notice about Vietnam is that he can rock with the more dance oriented tunes or Rap “old school“, incorporating the old school groove from back in the day.The first cut I heard from Vietnam I heard live, it was “Rock for My City” and the energy and flow emanating from Vietnam made it evident, he was the real deal, not trying to be a rapper, but actually rapping. Tracks incorporate elements and vignettes from Eriand on track 4 performs with Wordsmith and Streetchild with “Move the Crowd.” This is what made Rap popular…the beats, the streets, the stories, the shout-outs, the love and Vietnam has it all in there and everything that influenced him along the way, the other rappers, his faith and his city and town of Highlandtown. Other outstanding tracks are “Keys to Victory” featuring Pills, hard as the street he comes from and “Back it Up” featuring Dice, handclaps and shout outs and electronic dance vibe. Vietnam isn’t afraid to have guest Rappers on h”

“Though it’s been anything but smooth sailing, local hip hop artist Hector Rivera—a.k.a. Vietnam a.k.a. Mr. Highlandtown—has won a substantial number of contests in his life. The latest have been music related. His single “Rock For My City,” off his upcoming album, One Life to Live, won Reverbnation’s “Unite” ESPN Music Search. Sports fans tuning into ESPN’s college highlights during the month of October will hear “Rock For My City.” It’s an aggressive song, beat-wise, but Rivera’s “clean” hip hop is aggressively positive, not negative. In addition to putting his music on the air on ESPN, a contest also brought Rivera to Highlandtown in the first place, back in 1983. “My father hit the lottery and we moved here,” said Rivera, who had spent the first years of his life in a housing project in Brooklyn,Newyork”

“Check out Highlandtown's finest Vietnam. One half of the group Iron Hearts has been performing all over the city and his grind has gotten this song on some national mixtape campaigns. It's a pretty dope joint, the boy got some flow so check it out and look out for his upcoming release 'One Life to Live'. ”

“A Baltimore native, Vietnam drops this banger along with visuals. This is the first time I have heard anything from Vietnam and I was impressed. Don’t be surprised if you see him on Air Max again”