mr. Gnome / Press

“BAND TO WATCH - "This Cleveland band is at once Rust Belt scrappy and dreamily explosive, like they can't decide if they want to represent their hometown or blow it up."”

“SXSW 2012 Best Bands - "The latest record from this Cleveland-based, guy-girl duo is the appropriately titled Madness in Miniature. Their songs are both small and intimate, but also dark, chaotic, and explosive, like the soundtrack to some twisted fairy tale."”

"Floating between ephemeral and ghostly vocals, heavy hitting percussion and sharp psychedelic guitars, Mr. Gnome plays experimental music that’s infectious."

"The magical Madness in Miniature is a howling soundtrack fit for the Brothers Grimm themselves."

Laura Streyle - Bust Magazine

"Oscillating between raucous guitars, atmospheric soundscapes, persistent drumming, and Barille’s full-on belt-outs and soft-spoken vocal layers, the body of work immediately calls to mind the best stuff by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Kills, with hints of Queens of the Stone Age peppered throughout."

"Madness in Miniature (El Marko) their new album released last week, is worthy of deep and multiple listens, and one of the best releases I've heard this year."

"I’ve long been convinced that Cleveland’s mr. Gnome is destined for the big time. This noisy little duo manages to terrify and tantalize in equal measure with songs that exfoliate your senses without sacrificing tunefulness."

"This Cleveland-based duo takes all the humility of the Midwestern sensibility and mixes it with a depth of sound that will surely rock one’s face off."

“Even better than their last album, which I loved. Sounds like ethereal icelandic fairies being pummeled by concrete guitars in a dirty Cleveland parking lot. AKA: awesome. ~ Eight Criminally Underrated Albums of 2009 ~”

Paste Magazine

“The Rollicking 'Plastic Shadow' is a rust bucket rocker that Cat Power should have recorded, and 'Pixie Dust' glitters like some lost 4AD band from 1988: light as a feather, but heavy enough to weaken the knees, much like the album as a whole.”

Bust Magazine

“One hesitates to describe Mr. Gnome as a two-piece band. The awesome rush of sound that comes out seems much bigger and more powerful than anything two people are capable of. Freaky, cute, savage and scary, all at the same time.”

L.A. Weekly

“Excellent...great swipes of serrated guitar slash across Nicole Barille's gooey vocals. The absolute antidote to all those shrinking violets we've been big upping lately.”


“Mr. Gnome…pulls a heckuva lot of noise out of a small hat, pretty much just Sam Meister's tribal drums and the reverberating vocals and sludgily atmospheric guitar fills of Nicole Barille… Barille raises her voice from a breathy whisper to a double-tracked, sustained holler, and her guitar playing ranges from high-pitched, psyched-out tremolo to bone-crunching distorted thrums.”


“Mr. Gnome…balances a soulful, feminine power that recalls Scout Niblett and a drummer who coldly demands dymanic shifts with almost electronic precision. It's an earnest tug-of-war.”

Spin Magazine

“Artsy, Indie-Rock with a bite. They move effortlessly between an energetic, haunted moodiness. Feel-good to heavy-dirge full of curious twists and crunchy riffs.”

Outburn Magazine

“Echoey, keening vocals and effects-slathered guitar anchored by propulsive drum work. Together, they've created big, lush atmospheric numbers with screwy pop and roaring prog-rock sonic density and variety. A leading exporter of superior-quality, trance-inducing rock.”

San Francisco Weekly

“Huge post-rock that whispers like a scared kid afraid of monsters one minute and explodes into the screaming demon that haunts him the next. Barille's haunted pixie voice is one of the more unique in rock, and not easily forgotten.”

My Old Kentucky Blog

“When it comes to otherworldly rock 'n' roll, Cleveland's Mr. Gnome tops the list. A moody dream world of two-piece punk, smashing guitar-textured tectonic plates with hypnotic atmospheric effects and volcanic percussive power.”

Cleveland Scene Magazine

“Dark psychedelia, punk-informed lullabies, and soaring, operatic rock. A deeply seductive kaleidoscope of serrated guitars, primal and powerful percussion.”

Seattle Weekly

“Cleveland's beautiful noise duo, Mr. Gnome, continues experimenting with elements played with 2008's Deliver This Creature. Another dark and dreamy affair.”