Mr. Frizo / Press

“Very interesting , and original. I appreciate your unique approach , and I'm feeling your sound.Keep 'em comin'.”

Rhino Digital

“Excellent work! You have made a very good rap-song with this! (Gasoline)”

Harry Kent Music

"Sounds Like Nothing I've Heard In A While.."

“A real nice album. This young crew Enicar Records are most definitely doing their thing! I Rep ~ U Rep!!”

B-Dubb a.k.a. B.A. Double. S

“ If you like RAP you will love this album "Property Of"! Good beats, that make you want to move. Would like to hear more tracks with Lady E on future albums.”


“I like your music and I think you're really hot.:)”

Saira marie Dwyer

“luv ur music dude :) keep it coming get at ur girl anytime”

Karen Morales

“hot shizzle on these tracks. well done.live da dream bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

DJ Kamstar

“love your music expecially got a hater who dont got one lol.... keep up the awesome work”


“great sound! respect from cold NYC! would love to make you a hot music video someday! cheers! Mihail”

Mihail Torich

“omg i love ur flow......”

Harmony MUA

“I really like this song I Live a Dream...you are pretty awesome!”

Latasha R

“In love with you - amazing song *__*”

Vera Dyl

“I went through all my music requests today and I only add the ones that are good, your music is sick!! I dig it, lyrics are tight, PROPS!”


“I love your music..”

Sesame Ellis

“Me Love You Long Time... =D Love the songs 2! =D”

Rochelle Wassillie

“I rarely listen this kind of music, but I must to say that I like Your songs :) It reminds me times when I went to gymnasium, first vacations, first love.. So thanks for the request! :) Greetings from Poland!”

Majka Krawczyńska

“you one of select few that I give props to. Your music is my style I love it and I like how you link your stuff together”


“Hey staranger, this year im going to come to you and Fanilly hear you play live. Im also making a facebook so i can keep whats hot with MR. FRIZO. :)) XOXO Amber”

Amber Marie

“Love your songs. =]”

Elise May


Janeesha Young

“Love your music”

Brandy Saner

“your songs are dope seriously (=”

Melissa Manuatl

“Really loved your music and sound (just didn't expect it!) Album well done! Keep going!”


“ma be honest and admit to the fact that i never took the time to visit your page and listen to your music till now. but you have some nice songs. ill deff be adding some of your rhymes to my playlist. props hun. stay on top”

Aundrea Brune

“you have an original style!!! peace ,big up from EUROPE!!”


“I really don't know why You are not on the charts but I plan on promoting you on my YouTube channel RiggstersWorld come check it out. Call me new but all you need is a music video and you got what it takes to compete against today's stars on the charts”

Patrick J

“keep em comin Mr frizo :) mad luv & support comin from me 2 u :)”

Larissa Carter

“Love your music!!”

Andrea Godin

“Love the music.”


“straight dope shit my mannzz”

Scott Mills

“love the gasoline bro. that was ILL.”

Boomer The Kid

“feeling ya shit bro , keep up the good work :)”

Stinga T

"Mr. Frizo prepares for national tour."

"Midwest based hip hop artist signs to LA label."

"Pitbull Has Company"

"You did a great job and scored WAY WAY above average."

"I'm REALLY feelin this joint".

“From A Closet: Andreas Oliver and Jon Friso made a studio in a small space and now they're taking their label eNicaR to new heights”