Mr.CAP / Press

"There is a rich musical history in Mr.CAP’s family, from the late Johnny “Guitar” Watson, The Greer Brothers and O.N.E. a/k/a Black One. With both of his parents having a deep musical background, he has shown that he is firmly rooted in music."

“#CAPISM describes confidence, and the “ism” part of it, just means Everything is everything; No complications, everything is simple. Anything can be an “ism”.”

“Somebody Tell Wiz Khalifa There's Only One Mr. CAP”

"When SPC artist Mr. CAP arrived onstage sometime after 1 a.m., anticipation was running high."

“K-Rino says Pratt's family history comes out in his music. "He was always very lyrical in the way he'd deliver his rhymes," he says. "He always manages to translate the content of the song in an interesting musical way."”

“You can’t go wrong with this single. I think that this is one of his best pieces of work so far. So if you like Mr.CAP, then go get this one, as soon as it’s out.”