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“As usual it’s a mixture of exclusives (courtesy of Dogz Nadz, Chicky Boom, Mr Bristow, DiscoBeta and DJ Pnutz) and recent cuts you shouldn’t have missed from DJ 33 feat. Abdominal, Leygo, Lexsoul Dancemachine, Jason King, A Digital Needle, Cut La Vis, Manosjmt and Dr Petier. Damn – that is a lot of heat! Cop it below”

“Big city slicker Mr B shows love to the murky metropolises of the world with a firing rap-licked booty foursome. As always, party-minded Bristow ain't pulling punches: "City Love" gives Jermaine Dupri a sprinkle of MOR magic while Kool G leads a head-bending fusion of Jones and Havens on "Back To My Roots" and "Stand By Its On" takes Rob Base on a hearty Midwest rock trip. Finally "Lunar Tune" pulls a massive moony with Joplin, big breaks and some classic party MC mischief. Serious city breaks.”

“There’s a tendency these days to regard anyone who doesn’t start celebrating Christmas from 31 August as some sort of party-pooping killjoy. At Monkeyboxing Towers however, the custom is to wait until – say – Christmas is actually within spitting distance before getting all festive. Now that we’re a mere ten days away however, what better time to unleash Mr Bristow‘s Merry Mix-Up 2016 – the latest volume of his annual seasonal mixtape spectacular?”

“''He hustles Jermaine Dupri into a clinch with upbeat 70s pop hooks on the loose caboose of the title cut, gets Kool G Rap to do the damn thing with Grace Jones and Odissey on the retro cut-up breaks of Pull Up My Roots, throws Naughty By Nature and the Clash into bed on hands-in-the-air anthem Stand By It’s On and gets Janis Joplin, Dizzy Dustin and MC Savant all familiar on the b-boy-friendly Lunar Tune?''”

““Drunk on heavy Craig Charles support, Bristol chain-funkers Mako & Bristow get mucky on Breakbeat Paradise with four more floor firecrackers. “Twist & Shout” fuses various versions of the classic rock n’ roll song over a snippy breakbeat tempo, “Funky Jive” is a schooling in Bo Diddly business while “If Stax Ain’t A Reason” takes us on a way trip to Memphis and finally “Funk Am Im No Good” flips Winehouse into the funkiest homosapien on the planet. Ridiculously funky.””

“Reviving sounds, educating new audiences, and making them dance their asses off in the meantime. They take some classics, twist them around, and add a dash of funk, some soul, and even a little hip hop into it to get the party jumping. Their new EP Supersoul RocknRoll is ripe with beautiful music that everyone could and should get into.”

“Still unconvinced that there are millions to be made from flogging a mash-up EP on Juno download, Mr Bristow pops out another free nugget of cheeky action like some sort of bootleg birthing machine.”

“Some people like to save up their bootlegs for an EP release. Some people even like to spam every label they can think of until some beleaguered soul gives them an ‘official’ release for cold cash money. Not Mr Bristow though.”

“You have a very unique skill that adds variety to your mixes . Can you tell a bit about that? I am a turntablist so always try and add some scratching element in whatever I do – I love cutting and splicing different genres together and creating mash ups etc”

“Mr Bristow shows some scratch techniques.”

“So you’ve finally bagged that elusive DJ gig… but what should you do when you’re there? Aside from the obvious requirement of playing a set of course, there are quite a few other things that can be done to enhance the experience. This will vary from place to place, but if you’re new to the game you could be missing some vital opportunities if you’re not clued up.”

“This article, assuming you have successfully moved from the bedroom to the club and secured yourself a gig, will hopefully steer you clear of some of these terrible misfortunes, with some handy tips that aim to make your life that little bit easier when it comes to taking on professional work as a DJ.”


“everything was made a lot simpler by the course tutor, Ben Bristow. Ben, who is most definitely a jack of all trades as far as DJing goes, explained everything we needed to know in a way that was understandable and pretty easy to pick up – in fact, every week I was at the college I was hit with a new revelation.”

“Ben finishes the class by showing us some more scratching techniques – he’s so casual when he does it and makes it look easy… every step of the way he explains things in such a way that is very easy to grasp, dropping in history lessons every now and then too”

“Ben shows us how to handle the CDJ decks – advising us that we can be quite tough with them and not to pussyfoot around…”

“''Ben does a great job of tending to each student individually, and makes sure everyone understands what he’s just explained to us by running through it face-to-face.''”

“The good news however, is that there are a number of applications and plug-ins available for free on the interweb, that can seriously help with your quest for DJ super stardom and production prowess, whilst saving you a few pennies in the process.”

“''DJ tutor Ben Bristow (DJ name: Mr Bristow) will need a masters degree in patience if he's to prevent himself from slamming my hands into the decks. Mr Bristow reaches for Lazy (Original Mix) by X-Press 2 and Billie Jean (Bushwacka! Remix) by Michael Jackson.”

“Myself & Swifty B have been awarded the 'Converse DJ Team of the year' award-check out the mix that was played on XFM here - http://soundcloud.com/swifty-b/swifty-b-mr-bristow-mashup-mix-volume-1- Part 2 coming soon- watch this space!”

“''Quality Stuff from the man like Mr Bristow!''- General MIDI”

“ '' Particular favourites for me in this competition has to go to Mr Bristow and Swifty B for an amazingly refreshing mix that was completely unexpected, and far from your usual club demo. Playing everything from Ghostbusters and Sinatra, to ATB’s Killer and pumping electro. It also included some awesome rapping courtesy of Swifty, and some amazing scratching that made this demo hard to put down.'' - |Jason, Don't Stay In.com”

“Day Two sees us move onto little aspects like effects: echo, vibrate, and flanger. You what now? It seems to transform tracks into some ridiculously warped, echoey shadow-sound. I’m back on the vinyl, and playing around with some effects to mix it up a little, and it does a good job for disguising ever so slight errors/ miss-timings (ahem). A lady is unwittingly making me laugh by asking “Do DJs sing? What if a DJ wants to sing during a set?” and I guess all this learning has got me all overtired. Ben breaks into a beatbox, and also goes for a bit of scratching. We're all kind of enchanted, in the same way hyperactive six year-olds are by balloon animals. A round of applause!”

““My friend at school bought some decks and I played drums so I knew I would be good at it in terms of rhythm - he taught me the basics and then I got my own decks and practiced until I was better than he was.””

“This culminated in a hook up with turntablist Mr.Bristow and an unusual 6 deck set at Bar Oporto in London where the fusion of House, Techno, Breaks, Hiphop and D&B got a surprisingly positive reaction considering the very mixed crowd.”