Mr. Boogie Woogie / Press

“Nominated Best Dutch Blues Pianist 2013”

“Best Dutch Blues Pianist 2010”

“Mr. Boogie Woogie? You're the General of Boogie Woogie!”

Marcia Ball

“Mr. Woogie comes straight from the Jerry Lee Lewis school of high-pressure playing. Except Mr.Woogie is lots faster. Add the hand-speed of Muhammed Ali to the forceful personality of The Killer and you've pretty much got the Boogie-meister.”

Chuck Graham - Tucson Citizen

“The Hardest Workin' Man in Boogie Land”

my mom

“Best Blues Band 1992”

BRT - Belgian Radio & Television

“Winner Middle Sea Jazztreffen 1988”

Middle Sea Jazztreffen

“Best European Blues Pianist 2005”

Les Trophees France Blues