Mr. Bella / Press

“I was blown away by their sound myself and we’ve got a whole album worth of great tracks to play! ”

Blando - Music Director, WXNR "99.5 The X", North Carolina

“By the time I realized it I was done with the CD and thought to myself,.... WOW!! Very few albums are good all the way through! ”

Corey Winfield - 95.9FM Arkansas

“Fronted by scrappy blond bombshell Erin Marie, Mr. Bella performs propulsive hard rock with anthemic choruses, thick rhythms and catchy riffs. ”

Tampa Times

“This band is more than just twisted steel and sex appeal when it comes to their album Cross My Heart. Bringing a new style of metal to Tampa, something clean but still have a gritty attitude the Birthplace of Brutality is known for. Cross My Heart is a 12 set album of hits with hooks and stories. Mr. Bella have brought lyrics back to modern metal.”

“They might play under a gender-incorrect name, but the rockers in Mr. Bella are quite accurate about delivering a hybrid of female-led vocals and testosterone-fueled rock.”

“Led by feisty blond Erin Marie (who may just have the pipes to achieve Xena, Warrior Princess levels), Tampa's Mr. Bella inches closer to a modern rock breakthrough. ”

Carole Giambalvo - Tampa Bay Times