Melissa Polinar / Press

“...a pioneer, so to speak, in the modern music industry. As one of the first artists to launch a successful career after starting out in the world of YouTube and social media...”

“Polinar’s authenticity has always been her sweet spot. When she reached YouTube fame back in 2008 and 2009, it wasn’t for her covers that were sweeping the Internet landscape–it was for her raw, stripped down acoustic ballads she wrote herself.”

“Melissa Polinar was an early adopter. YouTube performers are around every online corner these days, but Melissa’s smoky, soulful voice and beautiful original songs found an early audience on the Internet that’s given way to a successful solo career.”

“It will be intriguing to log Polinar's musical journey from here after already successfully shooting for the stars this early on, but it can be safely assumed that it will be an absolutely fantastic evolution to be held. A singer/songwriter-type like Melissa Polinar doesn't come around very often, and when they do, it's a very special thing.”

“Melissa Polinar’s ability to tell a story through her work is unprecedented, and as aforementioned, really takes listeners on a beautiful adventure through one’s life journey. ‘Calls & Echoes’ is an album that is altogether hopeful and cautious, hushed and stentorian, solemn and fun-loving, and consequential and spontaneous in a way that all of its themes masterfully come together under a common motif of taking life head-on and learning to love it for all of its imperfections.”

“...she has become a popular performer on the local (Los Angeles) music scene, and a sought-after writing partner for many of Los Angeles' premier artists. Her recent release Calls & Echoes has received rave reviews from both critics and fans alike.”

“With a mighty voice and the ability to write incredible tunes, this lady will soon be known throughout the industry.”

“She masters a mix of her own original songs and covers (on YouTube) of various artists with an equally unpolished and honest nerve.”

“...the young woman not only sang the song well technically, but had vocal inflections that showed me she really understood the song.”

“Performing is something Polinar does with ease. The songbird has a beautiful soothing voice that mixes well with her skilled acoustic guitar playing... Polinar is like a rare jewel, like an antique Victrola - full of beauty, full of passion, and full of songs yet to be written.”

“Polinar channels the soulfulness of Tracy Chapman and the folkie punch of Stevie Nicks while intermittently tapping on her guitar to keep rhythm...Polinar’s vast musical collage makes it nearly impossible to ascribe her sound to any particular genre.”

“Melissa Polinar has the hottest voice and the coolest musicality, like that of a John Mayer or James Taylor. Top that off with a killer smile and charisma...you've got one captivating artist!”

“...with fine-tuned perfect pitch, sprinkles her songs with soulful guitar progressions and powerful vocals. Her melodies are refreshingly innovative, while her playing and voice, some would say, equate that of a female John Mayer.”

“Melissa Polinar is easily one of my favorite songwriters. Her voice and melodies can make me fall in love and break my heart in a single phrase. When sitting down to write, I often ask myself. What would Melissa do?”

Ernie Halter (artist)