Moyeen / Press

“In the last three months, we’ve brought you three emerging artistes that have made a blip on our radars as far as the potential to be the next big thing. Damage and Timix for rap; Samia, for alternative music. For your listening pleasure, we bring you Moyeen. As a kid, she sat many hours in front of the mirror, singing to herself and imagining herself as a singer. She held on to this torch and kept the passion in her burning. In college she was a member of a reggae-rock band One Drop which later disbanded as members pursued other career paths. Temporarily dismayed, she trudged on with her solo career whilst still remaining in College spurred on by her traditional Nigerian upbringing on the importance of getting an education. Still discovering her own sound, she fuses a touch of Jazz, with Soul, Afro, Reggae & pop with her own intrinsic flavor. Her Debut Album “Follow My Dreams” is due to drop very soon.”

“There is not much you can say more than you can feel when you hear the solid tunes that she creates for our listening pleasure. The compilation of the beats creates an erotic feel that compliments a grand welcome for MOYEEN and the music she brings. The link below will give you what I cannot express in words; therefore, brace yourselves as you enter upon Moyeenmusic.com. Check out these tracks from her:”

“Moyeen, just as her name, revives a refreshing spirit. This songstress takes us through many octave levels that bring out the intended emotion necessary for that moment. The question lies, is she of new age, R&B, neo soul, or pop? The perception of using her music to define a category will eliminate all of the above. She feels no need to place herself in any category that only her fans can decide. In retrospect, she shares her culture vocally through an art form that stands to bring attention. Her music is felt through the arrangement of the instruments. The platform of her “Mr. Aristo” speaks volumes with a sassy, “Naija twist”. Her voice heightens the song that sends a rush through your inner being. The blended tunes are orchestrated with popular Naija clichés’. Thus, the collection of songs will persuade you to revisit a personal experience and your imagination will run free without any limitation. ....... go to site to read more”