Mourned By Flies / Press

“This debut album from Loveland's Mourned by Flies is clearly a mélange of thrash, death metal and grindcore. However, the band's decision to infuse songs like "Eviscerate" and "Dying Circuit" with moody atmospherics using tasteful synth lines sets it apart from so much other heavy music. Sure, the guitarists shred with the best of them, and the rhythm section is well versed in finely textured, brutal passages, but the album doesn't just hurl rapid-fire, razory chunks of sound your way. It's obvious that the band took some time to write music that will age better than that of most of its peers, because each track is evocative and well written rather than merely loud. To a song, Signs of Life is proof that metal need not be lyrically or artistically dumb.”

“Not many people besides the insiders are aware that Colorado is the stronghold of US Dark metal, yet, even though Mourned by Flies have opened for acts such as 69 Eyes, and national ones (Another Black Day and the likes), they sound far more aggressive and rawer than their colleagues(...) Enlacing influences ranging from the early Nuclear Death, to Amorphis, Strapping Young Lad, Hypocrisy, Anacrusis and, the Colorado quintet achieves the peak of madness…too fast to be categorized under Doom metal and too heavy to be defined Gothic. MBF avoid any label and they do it damn well. Like I said before, the 5-piece have made things on a big scale…If they crush live as they do in the studio, then I don't know what else labels are waiting for to offer them a decent deal at the soonest! ”

“A dark journey in the paths of dark metal by the use of aggressive guitars, brutal vocals and in your face lyrics that cover the issues of religion and social disease. It's not recommended for people with hearing problems, religious fanatics, etc. A deaf has many possibilities to return in "real life" after the "Mourned By Flies Treatment"”