Mount Olympus, Texas / Press

“SMG Sound has an affinity for group efforts, and Mount Olympus I.V finds nearly every rapper associated with the Cowtown label taking a turn at the mic on this 11-track compilation. It's a dizzying assemblage of sounds and styles -- with seven credited rappers, including Wrex Washington, Zeus, Cali4nia Cuddy, Big Cliff, JKush, A-Roy and Dru B Shinin', Mount Olympus is nothing if not eclectic -- and arguably the best recording you could hand someone who doubts Fort Worth's formidable rap scene. Whether it's the tough stance of Gonna Give a F---, the gorgeous glow of Eyes So Low (Part II) or the throwback vibe of The World Goes Around, there's something here for everyone and, best of all, talent to burn.”

“Dru describes Mount Olympus as kind of a Funkytown Wu-Tang clan. “We all just kinda have different styles,” said Dru, “so we just bring it together … in Wu-Tang everybody has like a certain role to play, like certain strengths. We all have certain strengths. Cliff’s a free-styler, some of the younger guys do like more music that’s relevant to the younger people; we all have a certain role.” Mount Olympus has been collectivizing since May, and they have already put out a few recordings and a couple of music videos. Their creative output is truly a collaborative process. “Each person writes their own verses,” said Dru, “and comes up with their own song ideas. So you get to play like a different role sometimes that you wouldn’t normally do. If one of the guys comes and he’s more of a street rapper and he wants to do a song with you, then you have to say ‘How can I get on a street song and still be myself?’ ””