Mountain Road / Press

"I was immediately impressed by the musicianship and stage presence the 4-piece band created. Listen to any of their music and it’s easy to see (or hear) that these guys all have great voices. Watching them harmonize together was great — it’s something very rare to experience on a local level, especially."

"A great blend of rock, country, and blues music with a hard hitting drummer (a soft hitting drummer is a real thing, and it drives me nuts), grooving bass lines, and some really great country-style guitar licks."

"Once Mountain Road hit the stage, the crowd was swelling with excitement. There were plenty of people raising their beers and dancing right along from the very first note. Some folks were singing along with every word, and it was easy to see that Mountain Road definitely created some momentum for themselves."

"2014 Readers' Choice for 'Best Local Band'"

Harrisburg Magazine

“I really enjoyed listening to your music - it has a laid back, easy listening vibe similar to The Band that I really like. Lyrics were intelligent & audible and the instrumentation was good. ”

Jimi Starr - Producer, Broad Horizon Records, Inc.

“They [Mountain Road] are a well polished band that really seemed to please the crowd”