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“Just an email to say that I was blown away by Motrendus last night! First time seeing the band live. Better than I could have imagined. Not a weak link in the band, high energy, great vocals including backups. Billy and Steve ,you two are awesome together on stage, it just looks right. Great songs, the soldier song Billy wrote was as hard rock as it gets. Great dynamics throughout the set. Guitar player and Drummer are pure Gold and AWESOME !!!! Motrendus is the complete package, it was worth the wait and I knew it would be. A Fan For Life, Sam”

Sam Fulp (photographer to the stars) - Motrendus Email

“If Led Zepplin, Ozzy Osbourne and SoundGarden Pooled the DNA that made up the musical genius of those three bands.... The Resulting Birth would be called Motrendus..... Dont miss a chance to see these guys live if you havent already. -- Keep the rock rollin Guys !!!! Awesome work”

Reg Mgr Vicki Beacham - Facebook Comment

“Motrendus is a tightly woven quilt of a band whose threads intertwine both personally and musically. Each of the band members complement one another to deliver hard, fast and loud. I am most impressed by the fact that this band is clearly not complacent with being “okay”. They want to be the best they can be, and are under self-induced scrutiny to excel. Onstage at Volume II, Motrendus displayed a surprising level of cohesiveness : rarely do I see this level in a local band: Motrendus hangs tight to forge a precision rock engine. With original Motrendus songs like “Alone in the Night”, “Collide”, and the bad-ass “Break Away”, the Motrendus train smoked the rails. Maybe it was “Just Me”, but this powerful tune evoked late night Gotham City; a sort of sinister “Batman on steroids” theme. You really have to experience these guys live to fully appreciate their solid contribution to the hard rock community in Raleigh.”

“You guys KILLED it last night. I mean slam killed it. It was the best I'd ever heard Motrendus play. Synchronicity, sound levels, timing, energy... everything came off perfect! Great jam. I was scanning the room just observing the reactions of the people in the crowd while you guys played and... heads were boppin', feet were tappin' and there was just a common groove all around the room. Great Stuff!”

“Motrendus sounds like they would be a great live band. I can see throwing back some cold beers and having a fine time listening and watching them rock onstage. The first cut, “Alone in the Night,” felt really good. It was a little bit punk and alt-rock and gave me a White Stripes meet The Strokes feel. The second song had a really good Zeppelin vibe. “Unconsciousness” began somber and then pulled itself out of the doom and gloom and spiraled like something off of the "Houses of the Holy" album. My favorite song was the last song entitled “Breakaway,” a tune that welded the freakiness of Alice Cooper with the eighties indie feel of Arrogance, which is definitely a powerful marriage. I like that each song was different and allowed the band to show ability to be versatile. Often I think bands who record all original tunes unintentionally get in a rut with repetitiveness, which Motrendus successfully avoided. I would definitely shell out some cash to hear this band play live.”

"....I felt very loved when you gave me your bands first CD. I listened to it twice on the way home and felt so moved that I wanted to write this all down for you. For me, Motrendus...Microscopes and Binoculars...has an earthy urban sound...a beautiful collaborative body of work. All involved in this project are reflected in the complexity...depth..and soul expressed through performances fully alive with raw masculine energy! It is obvious that you all have something to say both lyrically and musically. Each composition was amazing...multi layered and textured... This is a CD I will be continuing to listen too...and look forward to attending many live gigs throughout the years... A newly awakened fan... Fredi PS... The Cover Art/Photography/Design ROCKS! too....

“Thank you Motrendus. You guys played a great show. You are a band folks will be talking about....”