MOTION / Press

"A new band has already sprung up in 2013. Led by the great Andrew Velikanje, MOTION has grown like a wildfire"... "With a story like his, it's easy to support Andrew."

Rolan Fitzgerand - Metal Storm Magazine

"The musical power and dynamic Andrew Velikanje possesses will humble today and tomorrows biggest talents."

Ben Marguiles - All Access Hollywood

"The kid's singing is first rate, but his screams? They're a marvelous massacre, Andrew Velikanje's band MOTION is wrecking ball."

"Andrew Velikanje can play anything from heavy metal drums to classical guitar, plus he can sing anything from opera to indie rock. We have heard he is primarily a composer, making us wonder what this kid CAN'T do..." Randall Roberts

LA Times

"I'll never forget the first time I met Andrew Velikanje; he walked into my college classroom only 16 years old, holding a grocery bag of hand written manuscript notation. I have been a music professor at UCSB for many years, but when I reviewed Andrew's work, I almost fell out of my chair." -Leslie Hogan

The Daily Nexus

"This kid is going to change what we expect from music, forever."

Lasser, Philip E - Juilliard Journal, Juilliard School of Music New york, NY., 10023