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Bagga Bee - FB Video

“Raspect to all tha Mo Times family . all tha fine vocalists ;'). Ruling sound ;'). 1”

King Farian - FB Video

“WOW!!! BIG SONG... Love it”

Allison Alley-Kat Budree - FB Video

“Rishi ,we the best”

Nem Red - FB Video

“Yuh done it again!!!!!!”

Trakslasha - FB Video

“cool mixes brethren... blesss”

Remy RemBunction - Fanmail

“sound good...me will play this on my show anytime!!!”

Deejay Red - FB Video


DJ Irukanji - FB Video

“this track goes hard... I need this asap...”

DJ T.Mobile - FB Video

“Ahh! man, international shit!”

Vaughn Charles - FB Video

“that is real real hip hop”

Jp Douglas - FB Video

“Boom! Bang!...this chune BIG like some gual Poom poom!!!!”

Adri Cming - FB Video

“awsome tune bb. i getting goose bumps listening to it.”

Linda DeSousa - FB Video

“Real different vibes...hard!!!!”

Roxanne Suraj - FB Video

“Damn!! Rishi!! you over did it this time!! this track is something! props to Hollo! Trinidad Hustler straight up”

Selvon Young-Moolah Foderingham - FB Video

“You got awsome beats man for real”

Chris Miller (BPM Records) - Fanmail

“Another great piece of work Rishi, Bless!!!”

Melina Walcott - FB Video

“nice work.. keep making the fire tracks”

Delaun Crise Albino - FB Video

“Just checked out the new track by RUBEN and TRISTAN PALMER - HARD TIMES (Mo'Times Productions)...it's awesome! True reggae stylee, great rythm, and lyrically sound. All the best with the track and I wish it gets the respect and success it deserves.”

Manni Rebel (London) - Klub Kulcha

“this is so dope I'm singing it as i sleep!”

Franklin Fundoula (Red Zone Reggae) - FB Video

“Aye, I just have to tell u about that Sweet Dreams remix - real wicked!!! I just had to download it. The Lil Wayne is hot too but that song is one of my all time favourites and you put a really cool spin on it... keep up the good work!”

Aheesha Ryan - Fanmail


Bagga Bee - FB Video

“rah rah”

Damian Devenish - FB Video

“...ah like what ah hearing!!”

Omari Ashby - Fanmail

“...proud of u...iration - u just keep getting badder my king.”

Just Lethe Can - Fanmail

“i enjoyed the destra remix man, i'm not generally into popular music but i appreciate it more with the mo' times feel, it's a great way to expose trinidad to the wonders of electro fusion.”

Rohan D'souza - Fanmail

“...i really like ur work...keep it up looking forward to hearing more tracks from u.”

Candy Dwarika - Fanmail

“...I need to listen to some of your tunes.”

Julie Walker - Fanmail

“Wow, the music is AMAZING!!! I absolutely love it!”

Nea Rose Rodriguez - Fanmail

“SNAKEMAN DOES IT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)”

Melissa Lemon - FB Video

“Yo Rishi, big up on de chunes boy ! You doing real good !!!!!! --- Much respect --”

Ryan Singh - Fanmail

“a let me get that beat u use fo my a millie that shit cold”

Lil Wayne - Reverbnation