"MOTHWIND’S latest release, “IN THE CLUTCHES OF THE NOVAE”, is a brilliant concept album of what happens to humanity when novae come and take over the planet earth. This is the MOTHWIND’s story of how the world ends, and humanity as well as life as we know it, ceases to exist."

"..(with) futuristic cover art by Austrian artist Shahab Alizadeh and progressive textures among it's heavy riffage, the album has a definite science fiction aura in it's concept and origins. Following a specific narrative isn't necessary, though, to enjoy the threesome's obvious chemistry and tuneful, heavy melodies."

"Mothwind hits that sweet spot of arty, occasionally proggy, metal-influenced rock. Comparisons to bands like Mastodon are probably inevitable. But they’ve got the goods to stand on their own."

"very exciting debut of sci-fi themed metal that has a strong Mastodon/Tool vibe. Great heavy grooves and nothing superfluous here, just some great music that'll stay with you long after you hear it."

"It's a concept album, or as they put it, "a science fiction narrative of other worlds and other beings shrouding personal, real-world introspection." They quote the German mathematician Hermann Minkowski: "...henceforth, space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union between the two will preserve an independent reality."

"...heavy rock trio Mothwind, featuring Mullins on guitar and vocals, Jeremy Partin on bass and Kevin Rains on drums. And the band’s sound is a combination of carpet-bombing, heavy metal riffing and progressive rock tendencies. Music that is not just heavy for the sake of being heavy, with its tuned-down and mega-crushing chords, but music with a certain heaviness that also showcases some smart, muscular movements. ...The album is a steamrolling work of punishing riffage, lightning-quick drum rolls and rock-solid bass lines with lyrics that explore both space and the mind. "

"Little Rock Ark.’s Mothwind harness this on their 'In The Clutches of the Novae' record. Released on October 4th, 2014, the record showcases Mothwind’s Once More ‘Round the Sun-era Mastodon-like rock qualities that give Mothwind a breezy ease to their earnest Sludge, a sound that retains intensity without drilling you into the depths."

"mighty riff-warriors"

“Closing out Round 3 of the Showcase was Mothwind, who brought deep-space mega-riffage and crushingly awesome loudness to end the evening, all anchored by bassist Jeremy Partin's four-string raging. Grayson Shelton wrote that drummer Kevin Rains "is a beast!" Mandy McBryde was impressed as well: "This drummer is amazing!" Shelton also appreciated vocalist Mike Mullins singing style. "Mike's voice helps helps break it up. It's definitely a harder set, but it adds a different dynamic. Some metal bands get really into being as hard as they can be. Kudos for keeping it fresh." Guest judge Travis Hill called Mothwind "The kick in the teeth I need!" CT wrote: "Very driving and heavy, yet uplifting."”

“In the immortal words of Hawkwind, "Space is Deep." And as such, it is ripe for exploration, which is exactly what Little Rock trio Mothwind is all about. Like contemporaries such as The Sword, Mothwind is clearly heading for the furthest reaches of the universe of heavy riffage. The band's lineup — including members of Vore, The Year of the Tiger and Holy Angell — bodes well for such a venture, but if you're in need of sonic affirmation, check out the track "Exo-Atmospheric Kill Vehicle."”