Möthra / Press

“The performance made for a loud and interest­ing night on Feb. 25. The first band, Möthra, started the evening with their own original songs, including a couple new ones that they had never played live before. The tempo of their musicwas generally fast, some faster than others. One of the songs that stood out to me was “Doomtrain,” which was an appropriate title as the guitar and drums began the song in a way that straps you on a ride of thrash metal.”

“Paul Remington - He was crippled in a car accident in May 1993 but he worked for years to regain his ability to walk and play drums, beating the odds . He is now up to full speed and feeling fine. Also played in - Iad (1998-2000) - Murder of Crows (2002) - Möthra (2011-) ”

“.. .. "MOTHRA: A good raucous opening act that took care of business, set the tone and raised the bar. New band to me. I liked the "In-be-tweener, accommodating all" style. Not too classic, not too metal, not too death. I think they mesh well with us "Muthas" & we were happy to follow this band. Quite similar in feel, but not exactly like us. Good original writing that kept the audience engaged. Each song got approval. When I asked our crew if they liked 'em I got a thumbs up all around. Good job guys." .. ANIMALMOTHER ..”

Animal Mother - Animal Mother