Motel Beds / Press

"(4.5 out of 5) Their blended style of British Invasion hi-fi meets Midwestern lo-fi works throughout Dumb Gold and I believe just pushes the album past Tango Boys as their now best release to date"

Christopher Anthony - The Fire Note

"(5 out of 5) Motel Beds are the bad boys at the sock hop who’ve spiked the punch. The musical equivalent of Eddie Haskell, they charm your parents and then spend the evening with you smoking funny smelling cigarettes behind the bleachers. While they spent 2009 through 2011 honing a sound that recalled the powerhouse arena acts of the ‘60s and ‘70s, as well as England’s ‘90s modern rock exports, Dumb Gold is a time warp to when the radio dial was set to airwaves delivering Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Four Seasons. There is a fist-pumping rock undercurrent here too.Think The Strokes, but without daddy’s money"

Tim Anderl - Ghettoblaster

"...somewhere between the mod of the Kinks and the nihilism of the Stones. A straight-up rock ‘n’ roll fantasy we could use more of these days."

“We previously wrote about Dayton, Ohio’s Motel Beds back in December, and judging by how frequently the tunes were downloaded from the site and how frequently the post was shared on Facebook, I think it is safe to say that the EP was pretty well received by our readers. As well it should be.”

“All the tracks grab you and pull you in. Of particular note is Bat Naps which has shades of both the Clash and Placebo. This album is heavy and poppy, fuzzy and clean, and just all around great. There is just something very compelling about Motel Beds' music. Can't really single out any one thing, as everything about these tracks works.”

"The band is just underground enough to keep up the mystique and pique one's curiosity. Their highly melodic vibe is inviting."

“As soon as this EP ended all we could think was...we want more. Lots more.”

Babysue - Babysue