MOSTLY / Press

"The combination of Valentine and Cox is literally a match made in heaven"

Melissa Natasi - reviewyou.com Review

“This For You’ is arguably one of the best songs of it’s kind on Myspace.”

“I have found the music by Mostly to be a quality representation of compelling electronic music. The lyrics and tonality jive masterfully.”

Glenn Morrow - WMBR Boston

“I was turned on to this album by a friend and it’s been the most played music on my iPod ever since. The beats, combined with the awesome vocal work, are hypnotic. This CD is a must for anyone who is tired of the same, tired, pre-packaged, bubble-gum crap that floods the airwaves. I can’t wait until their next release.”

Alan Ballinger - Customer Review from iTunes

“This song is melodically interesting and still catchy. The slow build from the intro into the first chorus was done flawlessly. I could see this being a song people want to dance to or listen to by themselves in their car. Loved the arrangement, it is a unique bridge between ballad and electronic.”

"I Am An Exit" ReverbNation Crowd Review

“The rhythm/vocal sound here is very unique and different. This woman has a very intriguing voice, she's riveting to listen to, especially when she plays with the intonation. Overall this is a very good techno dance track, good club sound, and it made me want to hear more of this band.”

"Don't Break" Reverbnation Crowd Review