Mostly Maybe / Press

“As host of the Steel City Open Mic I've had the opportunity to listen to this band countless times. And every time I've seen them live I'm completely blown away, not by just how young and talented they are but by the personal connection they convey in each song. Now I'm not saying that they do backflips off the kick drum or spit in the air during a guitar solo; no, I'm simply saying that when the song they play is sad, you feel the heartbreak. When the song is happy, you're happy. That connection barrier is not an easy one to break through, yet they seem to do it effortlessly without the theatrics. With songs like "Jane," "Are We Artificial," "Sweet Nicotine" and comparably consistent songwriting, the future looks pretty bright for Mostly Maybe.”

Reed Reish - Steel City

“Mostly Maybe carries your heart away in a smoke cloud of beautiful melodies and rich harmonies that get stuck in your head for weeks.”

Snow Lion / Gus Weekly

"Its just like brainsex!"

Enthused Fan - Enthused Fans

"I like it when they make my eardrums feel all tingly inside."

Eardrum Experts the World Round