mosh-pit justice / Press

“Shown passion that put in all the work, being quite varied subjects, with changes of pace and interludes acoustic, without losing one iota of strength Thrash in American wave of the Bay Area, with some touch Doom in some parts, which makes it quite interesting CD avoiding the monotony. To highlight the issue "In Dollar We Trust", where you can see more melody in the guitars, with some touch power and voice brings me memories in certain parts to Mercyful Fate. Beautiful beginning of line of guitars in "The Serpent" leading then to sound more PowerThrash type Nevermore's first discs, varied theme that follows the general dynamism of the entire CD not to fall into monotony. Surprising changes in the subject "Dark Angel", one of the best for my taste. Pleasant surprise this first full work after 2 previous EP´S the 2012 and 2013 Very versatile and technical group within the European Thrash reminiscent of American sound Bay Area.”

“The band name itself is a key hint to suggest this is going to be neck-breaking music, turns it the hunch was right, the Bulgarian trio make no mistake in vomiting out their debut EP in fashionable style, covered in the glimmering shine of Power Metal and the viral assault of Thrash Metal, that together produces 'The Serpent', a full on metal assault that would make Slytherin house look as dainty as the muffin man on drury lane. Blistering pace drumming propels the EP forward whilst the vocals and guitars deliver that all important cutting edge dimension that makes 'The Serpent' perhaps one of Bulgaria's most polished releases, all in all Moshpit Justice are going places in 2013. ”

“The project is quite varied, in fact really stand out influences Overkill-style, there are also Progressive and a bit of Doom. The album starts with "In Dollar We Trust", the battery switches "lightning" pace with the slower ones, the double bass drum is often used but the steps are almost absent; the guitars: riffs groove in some moments, but in others purely Thrash; the bass is perfectly in harmony with the double bass drum, and the voice in the chorus approaches to Power Metal. In "Blood of the Tyrant" the drums are much more present but they've the classical speed of the band. The song that gives the name to the album ("The Serpent") is good too, the guitar mixes Thrash and Power, so the song takes a different look and stands out more than the other tracks. The album ends with "Posers Genocide," a song that reminds me Commando (Yutacàn). A good band that incorporates various aspects of Overkill”

“The thrash of these kids have some very interesting nuances power metallers given by that guitar virtuosity filled by xxx on a single battery plus a mile a minute executed by Staffa (just listen to the ultra violent "Blood of the Tyrant"). Personally I do remember bands like the Germans Paradox by these extreme bursts of speed and also something to Headhunter Schmier, and to a lesser extent the voice of this Georgy Pichev certain remnants saved with our signature Tom Araya. There are only four topics you become crazy, all displaying a very good level instrumental groove sound and composition level. Will depart your vacilón with "In dollar we trust" with that riff powerful and stubborn through this menacing uptempo "The Serpent" to finish with the old school to Death Angel "Posers Genocide" with progressive touches high gear. Surely we will look at the steps of these remarkable”

“MOSHPIT JUSTICE c’est du HEAVY METAL boosté au SPEED METAL. Le SON est tres tres bon. Le mixage est parfait. Et on a souvent l impression d ecouter du nouveau SON de FORBIDDEN et meme parfois MERCYFUL FATE. Les mecs touchent à mort. Les riffs SPEED METAL avec une voix HEAVY METAL de la mort ! la batterie qui tape comme un THRASHER. Bref ! voici une pure claque dans la gueule HEAVY METAL avec des couilles ! Les mecs nous pondent 4 1er titres ! 1000X meilleur que certains groupes de HEAVY etablis. Une baffe de puissance SPEED. Mais les gars ! svp, faite moi une GENIAL pochette pour l album. Faut virer ce serpent fluo ! A ecouter d urgence ! MOSHPIT JUSTICE : LA BOMBE SPEED METAL.”


“ Thrash Zone Radio [www.thrash-zone.pcriot.com] Your singer sound kinda like Russ Anderson, globally your band sound like Forbidden, this rule \m/”