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Mortimer Nova / Press

“This composition definitely has a unique melody. The music sounds so creepy and dramatic, especially for a rock song. It 's surprising but engaging and catchy. The instrumentation is also a bit unique. There is a few sounds coming out of one of the string instruments, perhaps a guitar chord, that sounds so weird. Even the vocals are strong and raw... The song is quite emotional.”

“I feel that this was a kind of fun track. The instrumentation seems beautifully introduced. It builds seamlessly... It was wild and indescribable. I appreciate that the melody presents and the tune appears exceptionally terrific. The singing of the track is fascinating and the simplicity of the chorus was excellent; the intensely thoughtful setup used for this song was great. The rhythm is strongly impeccable; the backing blends entirely.”

“The singers voice is very clear. He sounds great... His lyrics are very well written. You sound great... I'd love to hear this in all it 's glory!”

“The guys voice is lovely. Could listen to him all day.”

“This is another track with a different feel then most. The use of different tones and rythems is great... the low tones of the voice ... fits the lyrics to the track. I would ... be interested in hearing something more upbeat from this artist. I would like to see what else they may have in store.”

“I like the dramatic intro, it really helps this track to stand out. The percussion and guitar mix well with the vocals and the lyrics are interesting.”

“The introduction begins strong and has a distinct sound. The instruments are rich, deep, and powerful. The vocals are unique and compelling; the vocalist has a voice that works well for this style. The melody is one-of-a-kind and memorable. The lyrics are intriguing.”

“The song is good it has a kind of rock band feeling to.It also the beat is cool and good the chorus is very good. the artist is very good and dedicated the song itself makes you proud and happy and makes you want to rock out.”

“The song comes into a nice flowing melody that makes the timbre seem very smooth flowing and relaxing. The actual guitar comes into a striking tone that compliments the vocals which are obviously meant to mean something very important. The vocal group is very in sync with their lyrics as they sing together.”

“Clear well played guitar. Clear harmony on lyrics. His voice is clear and well put together. he works well to keep his harmony together. The band plays well to add to his voice and the harmony of his voice as he sings. The end Harmony is wonderful great echo affect in sound.”

“This easy rock, folk song starts out making you believe you know what the flavor of what is to come. The lyrics were more suited for a rap song with their meaning ... The instrumental flowed nicely in the structure of the song. The harmonies flowed well with the music.”

“The track begins with a dreamy chord progression on the guitar followed by an interesting string instrument progression. The vocals are in great harmony, whether it 's dubbed or featuring multiple performers: it doesn't matter. The track is catchy, atmospheric and features great structure, melody and harmony.”

“Very nice guitar in the start. Good catch of cymbals as well. The vocals harmonize perfectly. Lyrics are a bit scary... Why are they talking about beating their wife? Sounds a little scary. Is he talking about trying to get the girl he loves out of a toxic environment? Song has me curious now.”

“The tone and pitch derived from the acoustics were quite folk like, and thus unique in its audible display.”

“from the start the music shapes really calmly, it builds up to a tuneful melody, the vocals are engaging together perfectly ... really appealing voices, the lyrics are meaningful and deep, the instruments are balanced to support the artists which doesn't overpower them and stands them up, it is very varied and smooth all together, the artists seem to be talented and interesting.”

“I love the unusual sound of the instruments in the intro, almost like an orchestra feel, very nice and builds well, makes me think of a movie soundtrack. The vocals are in tune and have a nice tone, they harmonize well together. The tempo of the song is perfect. The music is full of layers and feeling ... I love how well it moves forward. The quality of the recording is good too ... It is good, well done.”

“The classical style of the instrumental contributions were very relaxing, and soothing to experience. I admired the gentle rhythms of the melody, for which were peacefully combined with the emotionally fulfilled lyrical content. I would not mind listening to this style of music with regards to radio station air play.”

“A very smooth start to the song. Interesting lyrics which I could listen to all night long not because I liked it but because the artist had a story to tell. The song transcended into quite dark and sad lyrics which were thought provoking at the very least. The vocals were actually on point with good harmonies.”

“The soft passionate intro easily gets your attention. The variety of instruments are well balanced and played at ease. The vocals are in perfect harmony and the second singer adds a soft emotion and compliments the other singer. The vocals are in a soft emotional pitch. The way both the singers stay on the same key at all times is great and they stay together perfectly. The lyrics are sweet and hopeful. I like this song it will do great on the radio.”

“Some good harmonies on this track which is imbued with a nice acoustic character. An interesting shift on the chorus section. The lyrics are good.”

“Silence with the effect of chords bursting into sound paints an image in your opening bar; it could mean many a different thing to each listener, and could be appealing to a vast group. Your vocalist has a melodious tone to his voice. This is lovely. The chords are diverse and ethereal... I think hit potential for this song would be best marketed to fans of otherworldly pieces.”

“The singer really gives it away in this song. The wheels of time turn in this slow and expressive song. His soft voice rolls in the sky and captures some beauty within the lyrics. This song is calm and patient.”

“This is an easy listening type of song. The artist has a soothing and enticing voice. I'm not much into slower songs but I enjoyed this one because it 's more original compared to a lot of slower tempo music I've heard. Overall, I would probably listen to this in general to relax or fall asleep to.”

“This song had a nice and smooth introduction. Nothing was overwhelming which I appreciated. The strumming if the guitar chords was very relaxing, and I loved the simple energy behind the playing of the drums. I really enjoyed the sound of the vocalist. His pitch and tone was very soothing and comforting ... The background vocals were the best and most beautiful part of the whole song. I can't say I was crazy about the lyrics, I think they could have changed a little bit of the wording around to make it more appealing.”

“Nice flowing melody. Instrumentals are very pretty. This track gives a very calming effect and the voices are in tune with each other which makes for nice listening also. I would definitely purchase the album and also give as a gift to a friend.”

“Right off I can say that the music is wonderful ... The vocals are in great harmony. The tone of this piece is very smooth. I really like the way the song flows. the arrangement is really nice here. There are a significant ammount of people that would purchase this single.”

“This track starts on a dreamy note. Alomst expecting stevie nicks voice to kick in. ... Really lovely laid back feel. Makes me close my eyes and dream of warmer days to come ... Would listen again.”

“Great main melody and groove. This track has some rich, warm melodies. Vocally, it 's a superb performance, very engaging indeed. The guitars sound melodic and they are played intricately - I especially like the acoustic guitar tone. Structurally, this is a sound arrangement. Excellent range of instruments, which make up a very compelling sound.”

“This track has a very nice innocent and pure sound. The instruments in this track is what gave alot of the personality and color. The guitar is light and does not crowd or over power any of the other elements. There are also cymbals, but no drums. I was so glad this track did not have drums. The sound of this track is so melodic and simplistic. I cant imagine any drums or other heavy element added to this track. The vocalist had a very light voice that sound great with the beat. This track is some of the very few tracks that dont require any heavy duty, techno, electric, or elaborate beats. The tracks lyrics did not require there to be any of those elements. There is also some harmonizing in this track. Harmonies are always great in a song like this with so few instruments, its like the harmonies are the bridge and the build up not the track. The singer had a great register and enough vocal talent to make this track beautiful.”

“This song starts out and reminds me of a CCR song! And that is a compliment because they are one of my biggest influences as a musician ... The vocals are good. The instruments have a conisistent sound and all tones and pitches are doing good. I think the lyrics are very moving and the notes really draw the listener in. I love the guitar picking after the singing. Its gorgeous! Really adds some softness to the track and totally unexpected.”

“I love the song intro. it start off good and the song is tight. Artist vocals is really good. he can sing. The artist have a R&B type of voice. I love the meanng of the song. The meaning of the song makes me feel like I can really relate. he sung the song like the words meant, with a lot of meaning. he had a lot of balance with this song choice. Overall all it 's a really good quality song the way it the arrangements was set. The song was very good.”

“I like the melody of this song. The harmony was on point. I like how the beat and the lyrics come together. The instruments were good as well I like what I'm hearing and would like to hear more from the group.”

“I really like the vocals and harmony. The lyrics give you a great picture. This song makes me feel something. I like the progresion of the music alot. It makes the song sound alot more meaningfull. the world would be a better place if more music was like this.”

“The first thing I noticed was the tone of the violin, I am not quite sure why but I found the tone so beautiful. When the singers kicked in I felt they had beautiful relaxing voices, I was also impressed by the control and pitch of the vocals. I really admired the lyrics of the song as I felt they were unusual and personal to the artist. Really good song, with nice composure.”

“Enjoyed listening to this. I LOVED the harmonizing of the voices. The lyrics were great. I think people would enjoy listening to it, the song has great emotion. . Id love to hear this on the radio. The song already ended but its stuck in my head. great work. I would love to hear this song on an album. I think that the audience would enjoy listening to this. It has a great potential to be showcased on the radio and perhaps would be a hit.”

“A superb opening, full of musicality and excitement. This song sounds quite magical and very uplifting too. There are plenty of floating melodies and I like the original and breathy vocal style too. There's an interesting mixture of instruments and they blend rather well together. Overall, a chilled and gentle track. Ideal for a soundtrack for a film.”

“This song is deep and full of sadness. The lyrics are very real and speak some honest truth. The singer embraces the lyrics into his sad like singing voice.”

“This was so beautiful that it nearly made me cry. The accompaniment was so soft and meaningful. The lyrics were the most loving lyrics that I have ever heard. It was an amazing song. The artist 's voice was so original and you could tell all the emotion that he held inside of his soul. This was the best performance without a doubt. This is now my favorite song and I really hope to hear this on the radio soon.”

"[Terminal is a] Recommended album if you like any of the following bands: The Lumineers, Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Ugly Casanova, Pinback, Elliott Smith, The Flaming Lips, Wolf Parade, Ruby Suns, Of Montreal, Fleet Foxes, The Dodos, Blonde Redhead, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Black Heart Procession, Apples in Stereo, Modest Mouse, Pedro the Lion, The Appleseed Cast."