Mortal Wrath / Press

“When you gonna play a show here in Baltimore? Can't wait to see y'all in my home town. Adding a keyboardist to the mix will just add to the already bad ass sound you guys have. Can't wait to hear it. I think it will push you over the top and hopefully bring a recording contract. it's just a matter of when. Over the last year your songs have tightened up in technique and complexity. Great job keep up the hard work! ”

“Featured in High Times Magazine as Unsigned band of the month! Pick up your copy in stores now! (June issue!) www.Hightimes.com - or www.MortalWrath.com”

“Hey Guys!! Thanks for being our friends!! If you're ever looking to record in the UK let us know, we'd love to help out. Thanks. Peak Studios”

“Smoking! Thanks for the video, Michael! (Nice collection of guitars, too)”

“Good fucking shit guys!!!!!! if your ever in Brisbane, Australia i shall be there watching!!!”

“im really glad you guys are making WV bring some awesome talent to the scene. prog at that”

“Hey fellas its been forever! we're looking to try to get our very first show at duncans in frostburg this march sometime, you wouldnt happen to be playing there that month would you? we'd love to open for you :) let me know! ”

“Glad to see something awesome come from the romney, levels, Springfield area! High Times Band of the WEEK! Where do I I get My mortal Wrath CD?”

“Your band sounds alot like old Vandas Plas, which isnt a bad thing ;D thanks for the invite. Im in a band as well, we're not even close sounding as good as you guys. Keep up the awesome work.”

“i like your guys site and music, and music influences. Respect to you my friends, as one band to another, I dont just say that unless i mean it. You guys rock! Nicely done! Sincerely, Paul, lead singer, Crimson Storm”

“shout out from Oklahoma here...you guys RoCk!! luv ur sound, wow the shreds are killer lol Peace babe! :)”

“Man, I loved the intro of Lifetime of lies and the riffs of Re Creation. Good band, I can see your influences. Yor band sounds pretty much like Death. I really like your work,”

“nice channel u guys should do a tour in europe. u really should play in holland one time”

“I'm ashamed to say you guys have been on my friends list for ages and I'm just now checking videos out. Well I missed out that whole time yall are killer!!”

“i hope u guys get famous i love your music”

“Nice band! Your vocalist sounds like a mix of a power metal vocalist and Klaus Meine. Thanks for the invite! Stay metal \m/”

“i think it would be good if your band make a profile in orkut, its a brazilian social network, like facebook, and there many power metal fans..it would give you more media..i guess, if you guys have some manager, you could contact angra to play in their concerts here in brazil as opening band, it would be great”

“Great Channel and band! Keep on rocking' ! Greetings from Devon in England!”

“I liked the sound of you, congratulations to all, it is ai galera \ o / Greetings from Brazil”

“KICK ASS! love the voice, reminds me of Queensryche. i go to west virginia from time to time, would love to catch your performance. i might be going in May, anything set up for that time???”

“Ever thought of touring in Great Britain? I'm trying to organize some North America based bands to play in Scotland, England and Ireland next summer (2012). One of the stops would be in early July to play in Aberdeen UK for my PhD graduation party. If interested do let me know. Your style of music would be welcome here. Thanks - peace, love and light. Cheryl”

“ Quite frankly I believe Mortal Wrath is the most talented band to ever be on here. One or two songs don't sum it up -- listen to a few all the way through and pay attention to what they're doing and saying! WOW Progressive Rock owns”

“Mortal Wrath has some of the deepest most intelligent vocals I've heard! I love how they mix the styles up in every song!!!!!! ( RARE ! ) For home recordings those arent bad to Get these guys out there!!”

“Mortal Wrath all the way! They played a free show to raise money for the WV childrens hospital, Not many bands out there would do such a thing... They got my vote!”

“Go Wrath !! Did you guys study at Berklee by chance ?? A close friend is studying music there. INCREDIBLE musicianship! By what I've read and heard lyricly you guys are super intelligent! No bands I've heard sing of such topics and master thier instruments! As a musician I'm aware of the sickening level of stamina and high end thinking it takes to perform / write like that !! Rock on !!”

“When I heard Mortal Wrath was on here I came to vote asap!! You guys have the most meaningful songs ever with serious messages for the world, if the masses even understand what this is all about! Now lets expose the meaning of " Esoteric " !”

“Rock on guys....Keep bringing us those awesome sound vibes!!! Get out there and give us some live shows this summer/fall!!! Thanks again for the great music! Congratulations!”

“Guys you have my vote! I've seen many bands perform live,unsigned and very famous but I was stunned along with the full house at Duncans in Frostburg when you guys played there . Mortal Wrath gives the biggest bands a run for thier money VOTE FOR THEM”

“Hello! Press kit will be finished very soon! Please hang tight”