Mortalicum / Press

“One of the best doom albums of the year. ”

"Both a 70:s and 80:s warm vibe and feeling shines in a massive way through the band..s strongly organic, heavy and crispy sound, making it nearly impossible to resist their deeply emotionally charged, moody, and soul-filled triumphs of doom."

"The album kicks off with "Guiding Star" and its obvious within the first minute, Mortalicum are big fans of 70's Hard Rock legends."

" This Swedish quartet have proven once again, the Swedes have a quality of musicianship all of their own”


"New bands coming with a vintage style of Hard Rock and Metal, I just love it! Really heavy guitar riffs and stunning straight ahead solos are served just like in the good old days."

"Progress Of Doom is as lovely as a debut can be. Pure underground and yet at the standard of a top quality product."

DarkScene Metal Magazine

"The advantage is undeniably very good guitar solos and they most probably derive from the hard rock legacy of the seventies."

ChaosVault Webzine

“It truly is a damn good album of chugging rhythms and heavy dirty sounds that will remain one of the best of the year and even one of the best of current day traditional heavy rock bands. Who knows they might even become one of the best ever down the road a bit if they continue to write albums of this caliber.”

Silence So Loud