“Having had the opportunity to catch Mortal Fear previously when they opened for the sold out KiLLeR DWaRfS grand opening of the Rockpile East back in October I knew what we were in for. Mortal Fear stormed the stage, delivering a plateful of thrash flavored old school heavy metal, serving up songs like the internet sensation “Inject The Fear” and “Left To Die”. Looking a little like Rob Halford with the long goatee and shaved head, vocalist Ken Munro doled out the lyrics in his gravelly growl and Steve Turrer wore his guitar quite high on his chest and were obviously a tight unit, not surprising since they originally formed in 1985! Now with original members Ken Munro (vocalist), Steve Turrer (guitars), Pete Turrer (bass) joined by drummer Steve Scott, Mortal Fear are supporting their self titled début CD released in 2012, a definite purchase when I see them set the stage for another great Canadian metal act, Varga on January 4th, 2014!”