Morris Minor / Press

“Morris Minor has long been one of my all time favorite bands in Mobile. And might I add I have always been impressed by leftys. Anywho- recently I was invited to sit in on Morris Minor rehearsal. They put on a great show this past Saturday at the Blind Mule where they played a super new jam; a song that I like to think that I help to write. Ok. Let’s be honest. I didn’t do jack to help write that song but play “heart and soul” on an abandoned keyboard after the great pepper spray incident at Callaghans. For those that don’t know, someone accidentally set off pepper spray and Callaghans emptied out faster than a moonshine shack with the feds coming up the drive. I got a nice little inside look, behind the scenes if you will, of how a band operates. You know, with debates on cell phone carriers, screwy neighbourhoods and what kind of talk radio they prefer. Today, Mod Mobilian and Old Lady Hayes beg the question – Hey, Have You Heard Morris Minor”

“That sense of anticipation had been replaced by a vague hope that some day, maybe the Mobile scene would rise again, that a "new crop of great indie-rock kids" would come along. But in late 2007, he had a moment of clarity.”