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“Morre is another Toronto-based entity and a fantastic band that assumed the stage next. This edgy band was just short of blowing the minds of the now nearly fully packed in room. With a 40-minute set, the band knew how to use it. They had a high level of fan interaction along with an intricate sound that encapsulated the audience members. Fans could be seen and heard in various spots of the venue, dancing and swaying from side to side while commenting on the music and saying they loved the sound. You can’t get a greater compliment than that!”

“The band was tight even with the addition of two new members (bassist – Dan and drummer – James). Igor (Vocals/Guitars) and Adrian (Vocals/Guitars) are both natural showmen with a distinct style. Igor has a more romantic and passionate approach and Adrian is very nonchalant. They both had about the same amount of time in the spotlight, but they were the best when they came together in harmony. Memorable Song/Moment: “Lady of Lust” got all the girls swaying those hips. The last song before the encore had a really cool breakdown reminiscent of Dream Theatre. For the encore, Morre performed “Comfortably Numb” (originally by Pink Floyd). It was a worthy cover of an epic song and a great end of the night. Even people from the club upstairs were peeking in to see who had the balls and the skill to pull off something like that. Comments: Morre is a class act, molding the matter around them into a one of a kind experience.”

“The album opens up with the epic “House On The Hill” which sets the tone with its stones driven rhythm and eastern flair. Morre have worked hard on creating a signature sound that is 100% uniquely Morre while weaving in some nice tinges of influences like Led Zeppelin, Cream Jethro Tull and the Rolling Stones. Morre may be influenced by the past but it’s the fresh approach of their straight forward rock music that they deliver to listener that is their strength. I have never been great as a track by track reviewer but I can attest that every track on this release draws me in closer begging for Morre, pun intended. I can honestly say Morphine is one of my favorite releases of 2012 and is without a doubt Morre’s best work to date. Morre will be hard pressed to top this release any time soon. I highly recommend Morphine to every rock n roll junkie and anyone willing to take a chance and give this album a spin or thirty three.”

“Morre brings influences from a broad scope of classic rock acts that seem to have been forgotten in recent years, and they provide harmony vocals that have hardly been seen in the world of rock since the days of The Beach Boys. With their latest release, Morphine, they bring these elements together to create an authentic rock album that is reminiscent of rock’s heyday of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. Like many great rock records of past, the album cover is basic letting the music tell the main message. On the front cover, the album name, Morphine, is written across the length from bottom to top with only some smoke appearing behind it, referencing to rock’s unofficial slogan of “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.” Morphine is an hour long musical journey of classic rock sounds with modern elements. Most modern rock bands have forgotten the sounds of earlier generations, so it is pleasing when you can find a band that still holds strong to those influences.”

“”Morphine is the third album by the Toronto based band called MORRE. Each album has seen the band push the boundaries of their musicality and redefine the roles of classic rock and this record continues the tradition. My favorite part about this band is I never EVER know where the song is going to go from the sound that it starts with. MORRE’s ability to craft songs is far and away better than their contempories. They just get ‘it’. MORRE is a sophisticated band that you don’t have to be sophisticated to love. I have loved every album so far MORRE has put out, but is it possible to love one more than the others? If so, I love Morphine like it’s my first born. The influence of Middle East and Far East music infused into the classic rock formula is a moment of invigoration.”

““If you like, singers who have a really good voice and players who are simply fantastic then I’m sure you will dig what they do as much as I do. Their latest album, MORPHINE is a mind blower. Take for example, the song House on the Hills, the music ranges from straight forward rock, to an exotic non-Western jam. The thing is that it all blends together and sounds good, fresh, new. The song Letting Go, has such a dark heavy bottom that I’m actually reminded of Sabbath or Dio – except with more melodic melodies and polish. The song Mountain High makes me smile every time I listen to it. The bass is just so right on and the interplay between the bass and drums is killer. Wind Beneath My Wings, however, has to be my favorite track on the album. Here, the band shows that they can do some old school blues – and they do it well. The guitar rocks, the bass grooves while the drums swing and the harp kicks it out. Don’t take my word for it. Check out their website at www.morremusic.c”

“Toronto never stops dropping them on us. The home of Harem Scarem, Von Groove and Brighton Rock to name but three bring yet another brilliant young melodic band. Morre are a dark, seventies edged pop-rock combustion of post punk and slightly prog chemicals with straight-ahead song structures to stir in accessibility.‘Winding Road’, ‘Lady of Lust’ and the luscious groove of ‘Stray Dog’ are succulent numbers stringing together influences set often largely adrift whilst the piano-oriented ’I Can’t Remember’ is as close to soft rock as they seemingly prefer to come.‘Renegades’ is certainly one of the high notes, hitting big with its wavy chorus and swishy retro lead even though it is sadly too briefly maintained. pipe-infested acoustic ’BringYou Back’ ends impressively with female harmony vocals sweetening the cream on a pretty delectable cake. Delicious stuff from another promising Canadian combo cutting loose. Seek it out&listen, this impressive first taste wil”

"The Toronto-based group has a very bold and unique, yet catchy sound, with the roots of legendary Rock’n’Roll icons such as Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, and Pearl Jam; as far as the modern-rock base of Creed, the Tea Party, and Disturbed. This can be heard in tracks such as “Lady of Lust” and “Winding Roads”. With their scorching riffs and finger picking solos, they will make you want to rock out for hours, giving you an endless head-banging party. After listening to Contrast EP front to back, I would HIGHLY recommend giving these guys a tryout for your iTunes roster"

““If you like well thought out, exceptionally played rock that features vocals by singers that can really sing and players that can play with the ferocity of demons and the grace of angles then you will like Morre. The guitars are killer – they can go from the beautiful and haunting (the beginning of Winding Roads) to absolutely screaming (the solo on I Can’t Remember). The thing that sets these guys apart is just how talented all three of them are. Most bands have one guy that stands out, not Morre though. Each of these guys is simply a monster player. When you add vocals that are well, fantastic, you have some serious magic. The vocals on every track match the music in intensity and quality. There is not a bad song on the album; in fact I have a hard time picking out a favorite track. This is a great album that I wholeheartedly recommend.””

““I’m rather impressed with this eight track debut from the young Canadian 3-piece (Adrian Tonceanu (Vocals/Guitars), Igor Lazebnik (Vocals/Guitars) and Tyler Koch (Drums/Backing Vocals)). There’s a maturity to their impressively varied song arrangements which gives plenty of depth to their considered guitar-rock. Professing their “world sound” to be a combination of “Paint it black” and “Kashmir”, there are indeed elements of rock history as they begin to forge their own sound. They already have a lot going from them: excellent harmonies above striking rhythms, nifty riffs over acoustic and electric textures, and a confident and clear sound. It’s a short album, (less is Morre, I suppose), but we’ll soon hear more of them with second release “Contrast” due out shortly””

"MyGlobalMind Webzine (Australian Magazine) (myglobalmind.com)”Coming out of Canada with all the ferocity of a tsunami comes new classy melodic rockers MORRE, who with their radio-friendly sound should surely be set to blow up big time real soon. The music found on …OUT THERE definitely has a modern tinge to it, but also has all of the mentality and appeal of some of the great guitar bands of the past like CREAM, LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD… The overall feeling I got about the album was that it was very classy and should have mega-appeal to anyone that likes their music with some heart & soul mixed with the rockness. …OUT THERE is an album that has been expertly written, virtouistically played and produced perfectly, and for a debut album I must admit it is truly breathtaking in places.”

"The bands that I’ve been hearing from are putting out some good music and the latest band that fits into that category is named Morre. The band based out of Toronto plays a brand of classic rock that also adds in some modern elements to keep their sound fresh. The band’s music features a multi-guitar and dual vocals attack in their songs. Most of the songs found on …Out There are guitar driven and are peppered with short guitar solos that are found throughout them. The vocals are strong and offer up a lot of vocal harmonies in them.”

“Believe me at this moment while listening to Morre I am not sitting still. Each tune just flows perfectly and melodiously from one to the next. Individually each track stands solid adding a special dimension to the entire CD experience. I love their sound which is why I play their music so often on my radio program and I will continue to do so. Morre is exciting and one of the best independent bands on the music scene today. They are excellent musicians with a great, carefully produced, meticulous sound and they have an amazing stage presence which is obvious by watching their videos. If there is any band on the scene today that deserves to be recognized on a global scale it is definitely Morre. They are more than studio musicians. They are ready to take the show on the road in a big way. I am looking forward to their next release and I am also looking forward to seeing Morre live.”

"They let their musical skills shine through. And shine they do! Intricate melodies, multi tracked vocals, and precise rhythm all combine to create earworms (songs that stay with you days after hearing them). Morre's songs are like audio syphilis - dangerously contagious.

"Morre is a sly and sleazy rock and roll band from Toronto. With their massive sound, mystical twin vocalists and a mesmerizing stage show, they have enough attitude to tear many modern rock acts to shreds. Morre brings music back to a primal and ritualistic experience. It puts the audience into a trance with the tribal elements of their sound, like the band are shamans of psychedelic grooves drowned in distortion."