Morning Fame / Press

“Morning Fame manage to combine the best of power pop, alt-rock and college rock (ala REM) to come up with a winning, adult orientated radio friendly sound. This is absolutely great music for cruising down the highway. The rousing guitar riffs and melodic tones will grab you instantly”

“The alternative rock band from Toronto, Canada is what happens when four uniquely talented and passionate musicians come together as one to form a group where the musical chemistry works.”

“Morning Fame is an alternative rock band whose members developed a really strong chemistry by letting all of their different musical influences collide into a very personal sound.”

“It’s awesome to hear a band in these early stages and say to yourself "hey, these guys could really become big." That’s how I felt when I listened to Morning Fame and their EP, A Lasting Place...”

“Everyone on this earth is walking a different path, trying to find our own way in life. Along the journey we have and learn from experiences that make us who we are today. When those individual paths cross and merge something wonderful can take form, which is exactly the case for the band Morning Fame...”