Morgellons / Press

"Taking their name from a disease in which the sufferer labours under the delusional disbelief that they are infested with parasites, thankfully there are no flies, parasitic or otherwise on these Morgellons. It's seven tracks or pure punk eclecticism that run the gamut from post-punk spikiness through the more raucous trad punk of "Rose Tint Parade" to punkabilly and ska. At times The Morgellons paint a bleak post-punk landscape, portraying as they do the humdrum and harsh reality of modern life - the jagged opener "Monochrome Soul" and "Still Life" being cases in point. There are some bleak takes on doomed relationships too, as well as obsessive love - just check out The Cramps-like "Subterranean Homesick Beast", or the ska-ified punk skanker that is "Lester Beale". Contemporary post-punk at its finest." Rich Deakin.

“Track3…Cheap Thrills...Good bass intro with a JJ Burnell sound which I know Mark likes to use. Fast poppy and solid is the only way to describe this one . Good lyrics and some nice vocal changes of melody ,right up my street this one . Good solo followed by a good vocally catchy chorus. Track4…Nothing Left… This has an opening that reminds me of the Buzzcocks sixteen however it could just be the guitar sounds rather than the riff itself . Good punk track fast and powerful song this yep I like it the best out the 4 . I think overall Morgellons are a band that will get noticed very soon ,as they do plenty of gigging around London . So I would suggest if you have not seen them ,drag your lazy carcass out and get down the front for a good pogo . Fast Punk/pop with a great tight sound.”

“Track 1…STAY… Lovely bass intro followed by a sweet guitar sound . The vocal soon makes its presence in an Ian Curtis style . Yes this has a mix of Joy Division and a U2 sounding guitar riff followed by a solid punk rhythm section. I must say I am impressed by the guitarists work on this great e/p opener. Yes I’m liking this a lot. I have worked with the studio engineer on The Straps new album, and I cannot praise Pat Collier enough for his professionalism and his vision of how a song should sound ,and with this song he seems to have yet again got it spot on .Great track. Track 2…Give It Back…This one has an instant UK Subs type of feel ,more punk orientated than the previous song. Yeah my head is bobbing around and my foots tapping fast. Great vocals and a solid backing with a powerful beat on the drums too. Nice lead guitar solo soon follows .”