Morgan McPherson / Press

“Morgan McPherson, a singer-songwriter from Greensboro, has been playing piano since she was 3. Clearly, the instrument has become an extension of her personality, and she uses it quite effectively as a means of expression. Assisted by bassist Ron May and drummer Strother Bullins, McPherson has put together an EP titled Destiny, Save Me. This is a collection of songs dripping with emotion. Although elements of bitterness and anger can be discerned from casual listening, the work is ultimately forward-looking and optimistic.”

“Although there may be hints of similarities in her music with her major influences, Morgan has a style and voice totally her own that is communicated through her lyrics that challenge your mind and echo through your soul.”

Dana Arbuckle - Triad Hippo

"Every song is like another page in a storybook telling of love, loss, healing and renewal. Her lyrics are full of hidden metaphors, spiritual references, sexual imagery, and a sharp angst."

Dana Arbuckle - Triad Hippo