Morgan Bracy / Press

“A fun folk and country music edge-- Morgan Bracy has a knack for telling stories with her wonderfully smoky and mesmerizing voice.”

Flocked Media

"‘End of Cinderella is a brilliant piece of work. Everything about this album worked from all angles and Morgan Bracy has my full & undivided attention."


"Bracy’s soft vocals will bring listeners in by the barrelful, while the smartly-crafted instrumental arrangements highlight all of Bracy’s unique qualities...Pick up this album today."


"Nashville-based singer songwriter Morgan Bracy carries listeners through her CD like a page turner; each chapter is ripe with poignant songwriting... This CD gets an overall A+ review. It is quite evident that this is only the beginning to Morgan Bracy's story."

Indie Music, Suite 101

"Morgan Bracy has a sound all her own and is certainly an artist worth watching."


"Morgan Bracy's ...vocals are expressive, engaging, and soulful."

Alan Cackett - Maverick Magazine, UK

"Bracy has her own beautiful, unique sound that has a way of pleasantly wrapping itself around your soul."

Stephanie Edwards - The Knoxville Review