“ Featured Guitarist Morgan Bernard Morgan Bernard isn't your typical high school student. Rather than studying for exams and hanging out with friends, Morgan spends her time after school playing concerts, writing songs, and performing on TV . . . living the life of a typical rock star! Morgan's musical talents were apparent at an early age: she started playing piano at six, guitar at eight, and singing and performing on stage by the age of ten. Morgan names a diverse group of musical influences from Lady Gaga and AC/DC, to Brian Setzer and Elvis. Her stage show is "an eclectic blend of straight ahead rock, hook-laden pop rock originals with some fun rockabilly thrown in for good measure" the highlight of which is an original song co-written with songwriter Jesi Kettering called “Shame,” an anti-bullying anthem. Morgan feels strongly about bullying and has turned “Shame” into a music video that she hopes will inspire others to stand up to bullies.”

“The first thing you notice about Morgan Bernard is not the studded boots, it’s not that she’s an adorably cute young woman, it’s not the driving rock ’n roll rhythm laid down by her band just before she takes the stage, it’s not even her boundless talent. What you’ll first notice about Bernard happens before she even straps on her electric guitar and walks up to her center stage microphone. What you’ll notice, what everyone immediately noticed during her CD release party at the Orpheum in Ybor City on Friday night, was her presence. In the seconds it took to walk across the stage, grab her guitar and start singing, she made her presence known. Morgan Bernard has “It”; the mysterious, inexplicable, yet entirely recognizable feature of someone who is going to go places few people will reach. Bernard, a girl from Gibsonton, is destined to be a star. Click on the link to read more”

“Terrific young Rock Chickie, Morgan Bernard, sent me videos of some of her performances which are part of the celebrations surrounding the Tour de France. She says that she's having a ball, and will send more info. She's a true GRETSCH GUITARS Girl. Here's what I posted to my Facebook profile after she sent me her links: Morgan Bernard shared a link to HER tour of La Tour de France events. Very very cooooool Morgan, very cool. Thanks. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watc... (If I have violated a "link" rule, please forgive & advise me.) Here's the other video she sent along: http://www.youtube.com/watc... I'll include Morgan's full report of her tour in the next issue of the weekly newsletter I publish of all the music and Beatles goings on from all Across the Universe”

“Après s'être arrêtés à Isbergues salle Edmond-Mille, les chanteurs prendront la direction de Racquinghem le 19. Cet été, ce sera la côte d'Opale avec une nouvelle chanteuse qui viendra agrandir le groupe, Morgan Bernard. Jacky a d'ailleurs donné une petite anecdote à son sujet lors de la soirée. « Le père de cette chanteuse est parti aux États-Unis il y a quelques années et a eu un accident de moto sur la route 69. Pour toucher l'assurance, il s'est installé aux USA, a fondé une famille. Sa fille, Morgan, va venir pour la première fois en France se produire. Elle a profité de l'occasion pour s'inclure dans cette tournée. » •”

“13 Year Old Morgan Bernard at Fullblast Recordings ! Back when I was young (ages ago) it seemed that the caliber of musicianship was a bit higher than it is today. In order to play the current hits on guitar, one had to woodshed quite a lot. It wasn't easy working out the bits of a Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin song when I was a kid. I'm thankful for the discipline of those days. Every now and then somebody tells you about "an amazing youngster who'll blow your mind." Then when you check them out - they usually fall short of the hype that precedes them. This is NOT the case with Morgan Bernard ! At 13 years old, you'll be amazed at the maturity level in confidence, singing, playing guitar and writing songs of this amazing young lady. I took her into Nashville's FUNHOUSE studios to record tracks with Nashville session players Morgan's singing and rhythm guitar playing is way more advanced then the number of years she's been on this planet. ”