More Than Lights / Press

"More Than Lights’ 2011 EP, Fun’s On Our Team!, has a redeeming streak of Sly And The Family Stone-style pop sunshine."

“Local hip-hop collective More Than Lights are doing things differently from crews that came before them in the Twin Cities. They're leaving the egos out of the music and bringing back instrumentation and melody in a way that's uplifting yet smart. And Minneapolis and St. Paul aren't the only cities to notice: MTV recently featured the band's music on The Real World New Orleans.”

"...You should hear just how much wicked fun rappers Zach Combs and Unicus Harry are having now in More Than Lights, their seven-member, stop-on-a-dime time-changing live band. The group is back with a seven-song EP, "Fun s on Our Team," featuring everything from the "Jamrock"-copping reggaeton jam "Audio Chameleon" to the hilarious slap-funk anthem "Positive Waves" to even an acoustic guitar solo piece. An EP as great as it is diverse!"

Chris Riemenschneider - Star Tribune

"...Their efforts spawned a seminal blend of blues and jazz, latin beats and big band, hip-hop and new-school hotness. It's a constantly shifting spotlight that one can't help but appreciate."

Drew Nelson - City Pages