More AM Than FM / Press

“The throaty guitar licks on top of a strong rhythm section lays the table with classic punk rock meets blues rock sounds. The guitarist's voice can stay with it all with a ferocious edge that keeps everyone on their toes. The tunecraft is decent and again, it is the confidence to push the music to the edge that has these ladies at the top of their game. What is not to like about a band like this?”

“More AM Than FM really has made something special here. The only complaint I have with the album is that is has me so eager for more. With relatable stories and concepts, a truly impressive bassist with a unique style, a drummer that not only keeps the beat but directs it in new an interesting ways, a guitar that can write a great hook and incredible leads, there is so much being offered here. I highly recommend listening to and purchasing this album, and if possible seeing them perform live.”

“This trio features plenty of grrrrl power and bluesy rock combined to remind me of the early punk days. They combine elements of Frightwig, the Ramones, and the Count Bishops (or some sort of gutter blues).”