Moon Palace / Press

“Bohn's intricate acoustic guitar playing drive the songs, though every track has a multi-layered tonal palette . I like the more-elemental love song, Victoria, Amen. Strong fingerpicking, a little slide guitar, and his strong, intimate voice make it a compelling listen. These are not simple songs; his tales are told with sophisticated vocal/choral effects, and complex arrangements. "Wolf Cub" is a more uptempo, high energy track, with bluesy guitar rifts, and a strong, clear, rhythmic guitar. The mysterious and haunting, Parsifal, again demonstrates Bohn's ability to drive a song with his expert guitar playing. Using minor chords, both fingerpicked and lead guitar, subtle background sound effects, and Bohn's strong tenor, he tells the narrative of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival. This is storytelling at it's best, my favorite song on the EP.”

“In days of old, King Saul would beckon for David to play his harp and ease the troubled spirit within him. If Saul were alive today, he could simply download A Conspiracy of Sleep by Christopher Bohn. Christopher sings with a voice as rich as the soil in the Mississippi Delta, with lyrics that beg your hopes to dash your fears. I hope you all own a copy.”

Tara Endicott, Cultural Arts Director - Burlap & Bean

" Chris Bohn is one of those rare musicians who connects true emotion through every word. The richness of feeling leaves me in awe everytime I listen to him".

Jim Donovan (Rusted Root)

"Christopher Bohn commands the stage. His songs are fabulous journeys, melodic and emotional and extremely well crafted. Audiences love this guy. Really, its hard to imagine how Chris brings so much grounded energy and skill to the craft of songwriting and live performance."

Paul Berkobin (Singer-Songwriter, Delgados, Berkobin & Corson)

"Chris's unique original style of Americana, Folk and Grass Roots music transcends the norm. His lyrics are heart-felt with an honest emotion only a master storyteller like Christopher can bring....... "

Blackfoot Bob Corson(James Taylor, Carly Simon)