Moon of Delirium / Press

“SLUG: What is the mental mindset of your band? Basically, what is your band trying to convey to listeners? Jorgenson: Moon of Delirium is partial reflection of myself and the path I have walked through life. It is also focused on subjects relating to the paranormal, occult, and mysteries that are still unanswered. For about the last 5 to 10 years I have been extremely fascinated in these subjects and have studied many different areas in this field. A lot of people are waking up to the more obscure things out there which is really cool. The future is crazy shit I mean hell, I remember in the ‘80s as a kid all these sci-fi films and now it seems a lot of that is coming true in the world. New discoveries are starting to reveal that the ancient past and our history is not what we were taught to believe. We also have some songs relating to life and death, inner struggles, and all that weird stuff. Inspirations comes in many forms. I don't see the inspiration running out anytime soon.”