Moonlight Bride / Press

“Thoughtful lyrics, bold soundscapes, and a visionary work ethic create a sonic turning point for Moonlight Bride and Chattanooga pop music”

Michael Kendall - Chattarati.com

"Most likely the finest local band this town has to offer of late... They sound like a combination of Radiohead and early U2,...combines passionate, insightful lyrics with keyboard/ guitar-driven power-pop/ rock sensibilities. What does this mean? It means you just need to go see them."

Chuck Crowder - Chattanooga Pulse

"Moonlight Bride got things going with a dancy brand of indie-rock..." "Wilcox's high-pitched croon reminded us a lot of our own Jon Burr (How I Became The bomb) if he were perhaps fronting The Fever or Stellastar. Competent, Melodic and by no means offensive to the ears"

Nashville Scene

"Electro-Indie dance that's a little bit Stellastar and a little bit Arcade Fire"

Athens Flagpole