Moon Duo / Press

“Killing Time essentially throws down the gauntlet in the space race amongst local kosmische- and krautock-influenced groups. The visceral peak is "Speed," a blast worthy of its obvious antecedents, Suicide and Spacemen 3. ”

“Beautiful, hypnotic, nocturnal music. Best new record in a long, long while.”

“Wooden Shjips axeman Ripley Johnson follows up his debut 12" flying under the Moon Duo moniker perfectly with this EP on Sacred Bones. Killing Time finds common ground between his work with the Shjips and the long, winding, static pocked, Krautrocked jams that he laid down earlier this year. cont...”

“If you like your goth music dignified and spooky like Death in June, then you should come over and we’ll have a little goth-together where we have some beers and turn off the lights and listen to Moon Duo. ”