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““The End Of Time” comienza con unos breves instantes de Folk americano, que pronto se transforman en pesado, aunque elegante, Stoner rebosante de melodías y riffs pegadizos, y así hasta el final. Siete cortes en total que beben de influencias como BLACK SABBATH, MONSTER MAGNET, C.O.C., DOWN, ALICE IN CHAINS, KYUSS… para ofrecer un trabajo con una visión muy acertada de este tipo de música y haciéndola accesible al público que guste de un buen Hard Rock o Stoner.”

“LEGACY MAGAZINE - #86 TIP! Moonbow - "The End Of Time" "The starting shot of this new band was a jam meeting between singer Matt Bischoff and guitarist David McElfresh (Hank 3 / Lethal ). It soon became clear that something big is getting created here and therefore MOONBOW completed with drummer Steve Earle (Afghan Whigs, Hermano) as well as woofer Ryan Mcallister (Valley Of The Sun). Musically, the Yanks can certainly be compared with Hermano, Monster Magnet, Asylum On The Hill or inevitably Kyuss. The sunny, positive vibe of the record, also relating to Matt's vocals allows comparisons to Dozer or Fireball Ministry as well. The high point is of course that scene- icon John Garcia could get engaged for the hit "Take It For Granted" as co-writer and singer. Also the remaining songwriting is great class and without ifs and buts on par with the big ones of the genre. "The End Of Time" is the perfect summer-record for the next booze night, a relaxing barbecue by the lake or the next”

“Auch schön: sozusagen eine Allstar-Band, die sich nicht dazu aufspielt, denn gerade die Beteiligung von HERMANOs Drummer Steve Earle (zudem AFGHAN WHIGS) dürfte Stoner-Freunde im Sog von VISTA CHINO verzücken, zumal deren John Garcia in einem Song gastiert. MOONBOW haben diesen Effekt aber nicht nötig, sondern lassen die Musik auf diesem Einstand sprechen - eine eindeutige, aber sehr unterhaltsame Sprache.”

“RockHard Magazine Germany, Review [ English translation ]: "The best bourbon, at least some say it so, comes from Kentucky. During a nocturnal drawing on a warm summer night members of Hank 3, Afghan Whigs, Hermano and Valley Of The Sun have decided to play some music together. The sound of MOONBOW sounds extremely heavy. Stoner-polluted rock `n roll with a lot of charm and vibes. Even Kyuss frontman John Garcia was so impressed by MOONBOW that he wrote them a song and presents it in a duet with MOONBOW- singer Matt Bischoff. What a pleasant surprise! Desert rock and desert dust- lovers who get into gear to sounds of The Sword or Kyuss, cannot do wrong with "The End Of Time"." Volkmar Weber Rating: 7,5 of 10”

Rock Hard Magazine(Germany)

“I am glad that the music does not die. Maybe everything is in southern / stonerze been said, but there's always room for one more interesting story. And this just serves us Moonbow American quartet on "The End of Time." Seven numbers, a little over 30 minutes of music, but it is enough to sink into the world of desert wilderness, whiskey and what else the zażyczycie. The first two numbers - the title and the "Journey of the Iron Horse" - is the essence of music in the car. It is fast, energetic, with a phenomenal groove. The "Fire Bath" team releases a wink in the direction of the good old Kyuss. Blinking turns into a frantic tick when the next song "Take It For Granted" hear John Garcia (Kyuss once, now Vista Chino), whose vocals perfectly complement the parties Matt Bischoff. Here to stay for a while, because you have to appreciate the benefits of which regales us with throaty Moonbow.”

Metal Hammer Poland

“I like old ZZ Top and this is to me what they would have sounded if they’d overdosed on stoner rock.”

“The opening strains of Moonbow's debut album, The End of Time, draw you in like the first hill of a monster roller coaster. The off-tune violin and rustic guitar hint of something yet-to-come; and once the drums and bass kick-in, you're over that first big hill, screaming with a combination of thrill and terror.”

“Non sono sicuro che il titolo celi un messaggio catastrofico ma di certo l'ascolto di questo debutto sarebbe un passaggio fondamentale prima che l'apocalisse prenda il sopravvento. Le coordinate sonore su cui si muove il progetto sono semplici e consolidate. Si tratta infatti di uno stoner rock viscido e solare, con tanto groove e giri armonici pesanti come macigni. Nulla di nuovo direte voi ed infatti non stupisce trovare in line-up personaggi come Steve Earle, batterista in passato con Hermano e Afgan Whigs, e Ryan McAllister dei Valley Of The Sun. Con una sezione ritmica del genere e Johnny Garcia (Kyuss, Vista Chino) che appare in 'Take It For Granted' il successo potrebbe essere una formalità ma, facili profezie a parte, le sette tracce proposte sono davvero di sostanza inconfutabile. 'Journey Of The Iron' e 'Saved' esaltano il guitar work di David McElfresh (Hank 3, Lethal) mentre il frontman Matt Bischoff si mette in luce soprattutto nei passaggi più diretti tra cui segnalerei”

“Für Stoner-Fans dürfte diese Woche eigentlich nichts anderes eine Rolle spielen, als die anstehende Veröffentlichung des neuen Albums von VISTA CHINO, ehemals KYUSS LIVES, ehemals KYUSS, ehemals...Ist ja auch egal. Dementsprechend schwer dürfte es für eine unbekannte Truppe wie MOONBOW sein, ihrem Werk die Beachtung zu verschaffen, die es verdient hat. Doch was die Jungs mit "The End Of Time" abliefern, sorgt mal eben für offene Münder und Stoner-Feeling, wie man es nur bei wenigen Bands findet.”

“Am dreißgsten August wird sie erscheinen, die neue Platte für Stoner-Rock-Fans- konsequenterweise auch in einer Vinylausgabe.”

“Von den Stoner Rockern Moonbow haben die meisten deutschen Genrefans wohl noch nichts gehört. Die in Kentucky ansässigen Musiker wandeln - wie fast alle Stoner Musiker - auf den unausweichlichen Pfaden der unsterblichen Legenden Kyuss, die für 99% der Einflüsse der Bands zuständig sind. Die einzige Frage, die ebenso unausweichlich immer wieder auftaucht, ist: "Stellen sich die gerade musizierenden Herren eher gut oder schlecht an?" Bei Moonbow ist diese alles entscheidende Frage leicht zu beantwort”

“Shit ist das knochentrocken was die Stone-Heads von MOONBOW aus Kentucky da eingetütet haben. Das coole an der Geschichte”

“I got seven songs of heavy stoner rock, bone dry and bluesy with a touch of doom, rooted in the tradition of 70s heavy rock. I got about 31 minutes of tightly written songs, cool riffs, catchy melodies, tempo shifts are extremely skillfully placed and there’s an overall excellent musicianship.”

“The End of Time is their début album, which only means that I’m more impressed, and expect a lot from these guys in the future.”

“If you like stoner rock with demolition ball dynamics like the very best of Kyuss,The Sword and Fu Manchu then the debut album from Moonbow will make your speakers vibrate until they disintegrate!”

“The Kentucky-based quartet has a good deal of big-name fire power behind them as David McElfresh of Hank 3's band provides just the right dash of country and alt. metal to the mix while Paranoid favorites Valley of the Sun are represented by bassist Ryan McAllister. The line-up is rounded out by Hermano drummer Steve Earle and smoke-stained vocalist Matt Bischoff of Survivor fame. No, not a band, the show Survivor. Yes. Yes it is a bit strange.”

“Buy it, grab a fifth of Jim Beam and get a case of Yuengling and press play...you will not regret it, not even if you have the hangover from hell the next day!”

“Moonbow joins Platinum PR”