Monument to No One / Press

“MTNO has an impeccable knack for crafting perfect textures with nice crunchy guitar tones and a snare drum that would make Jim O’Rourke cry.”

“If members of Hum and Gish-/Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins had ever collaborated and traded off instruments at random during the production of an album, the end result would have sounded a lot like Monument to No One’s self-titled debut.”

“Monument to No One show excellent instincts towards harnessing their guitar chops to the larger goals of their songs; both Slate and Steve Anderson can rip it up but even during the solo sections the emphasis is on the band's playing as a group rather than putting a spotlight on a single player.”

“The guitars shimmer off each other through lengthy compositions, proving Monument To No One’s flair for mind expanding psychedelic exploration that sets them apart from the pack. Their music is raw and corrosive, with treacherous riffs and battering drum fills that drift into another dimension.”

“Across the album, on songs like the opener “Planetary” and “Blasting Sound”, a wall of swirling guitars move from shoegazing crescendos into pumping alt-rock anthems. Slate and his bandmates create something between Sparta and Dischord alumni such as Jawbox.”

"Monument to No One offers a piercing, psychedelic space rock counterbalanced with ambient mysticism and gritty grunge chops."