Monster Ceilidh Band / Press

“Monster Ceilidh Band, who aimed to show the “old, bearded men back home that ceilidh can be fun” enchanted the crowd with their energetic, quirky tunes”

Nazreen Tajul Arif - virtualmalaysia.com

“This year the festival features 20 groups, amongst them bands hailing from Italy,Russia,Iran,France, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Peru, and the Czech Republic. For the four member 20-something-year-olds in the Monster Ceilidh Band from the United Kingdom, this has been a year of discovery, for music and travel. "This is the first year we have been off the leash," enthuses Kieran Szifris, the mandocello player in the group. "I had to ask someone where Borneo was first of all", laughs Amy Thatcher. "We're still not quite sure where we are!". On stage, in front of thousands, their music inspired dancing as the crowd kicked it up in the rain soaked mud of the arena”

Maria Bakkalapulo - National Geographic

“The Monsters were a great addition to the fest, and did a great job”

Randy Raine-Reusch, Rainforest World Music Festival 2010

“The Monster Ceilidh Band is one of the best-known ceilidh bands in the UK and plays at large festivals and events all over the world”

Craven Herald & Pioneer

“It was a super gig – everyone danced all night long!”

Grassington Festival

“So grab your dancing shoes (and glowsticks) and look out for the next monster ceilidh near you”

Emily Portman - fRoots

“Outrageously foot stomping sounds”

Off the Tracks Festival 2009

“The Monsters really stepped up the energy when they played the National Forest Folk Festival with two outrageously foot stomping sets. The hit of the whole festival without a shadow of a doubt”

Mike Scott - National Forest Folk Festival 2009

“A Godzilla of a band with talent as deep as loch ness!”

Jez Lowe

“The coolest ceilidh band around”

Kathryn Tickell

“An energetic first album from Monster Ceilidh Band, a talented four piece from the Borders… Combining traditional and very good modern tunes the album crackles along very merrily indeed”

Martin Pain - Bright Young Folk

“One of the best folk dance crossovers yet to be put on the market”

Jonathon Muirhead - www.whatismusic.com

“Monster Ceilidh Band were nominated for best instrumental album of 2009”

Spiral Earth

“The brilliant and exhilarating music of the Monster Ceilidh Band has its roots in tradition; but the combination of their talents has produced something innovative, contemporary, fresh and dynamic”

Grassington Festival Website

“European Folk instrumentalists of the year”

Acoustic Festival of Great Britain

“Get entertained, energised and electrified with the Monster Ceilidh Band and their outrageously funky grooves that mix elegant traditional playing with raucous rave-like rhythms”

Kings Place Festival

“This performance brings a new breed of Ceilidh dancing to generations new and old all over the world”

Kings Place Website

“The music’s up-tempo, happy and energetic – dance music with its feet in the heritage and tradition of the British Isles”

Grassington Festival Website

“The Monster Ceilidh Band is one of the best-known ceilidh bands in the UK and plays at large festivals and events all over the world”

“Timeouts critics choice”


“An album of twists and turns and infectious charm, anarchic ceilidh for a riotous generation”

Aidan O'Rourke - Quote