Monophonics / Press

““The track is insanely professional with a big arrangement and beautifully smooth dynamics. Dare I say this sounds like something Curtis Mayfield might have done. There is a lot going on and yet it all comes together with the musicians playing as a unit and not individuals.””

P. James Blog

““This band is a band on the rise. These young players are cooking up a hearty stew of funky rhythms. Catch them now and you will be able to say you were there when the party was just getting hot — of course they have had more of a year of being hot and show no signs of cooling down. Its a bold beat and a fun time.” ”

Guy Myers - Bandlands.com

““Never one to offer audiences a breather, Monophonics, looking like they’d raided the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s closet and make-up drawer, funneled nasty strangeness into funky frames after the Hips.” ”

Dennis Cook - Jambase.com

“ “Like Yesterday” is solid as can be, a hard-hitting number with walloping drums, punchy horns, and powerhouse vocals – a track that starts out like it’s going to slow cookin’ jam highlighted by bluesy soul guitar, but it heats up quickly!””