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Monks of Mellonwah / Press

"MOM come through with intense talent and a pop sound largely unheard in today’s landscape. If you buy one EP this summer, make it Disconnect."

“As an internet radio producer I play a different song of the album each show . It's not often I get to listen to albums with such dynamic range and variety .”

“Scarcely do we hear a solo from either channel as all instruments work as a team to harness this mystic musical bull. Not many fillers and never lolling about an iota longer than they need to is additional acceleration for this bands live appeal. Loose and luring, M.O.M.'s first full length is full of gubbins guaranteed to turn the people.. 8/10”

“I walked into this not really knowing what to expect from Monks Of Mellonwah and that is a good thing since I was not blinded by the hype or expecting anything from them. I was more than surprised at how much I loved this album and can’t wait to see the band grow and prosper in the future.”

“A 4 piece hailing from Sydney, Australia, the band has made quite a name for themselves and achieved a lot for an outfit so young.”

Meredith Webb - SFMedia

“..there’s also an infectious melodic quality that runs throughout the album, suggesting the band has the potential to crossover to reach multiple audiences.”

“The Monks of Mellonwah clearly have loads of talent and sonic ambition, making Turn the People one of the top releases in the first quarter of 2014.”

"Harnessing the full force of their driving riffs, the group has somewhat catapulted to global success. Taking the preeminent sounds of psychedelic rock and 90s alternative, and blending them together into something fresh and new for 2014."

“Tear Your Hate Apart” is another highlight from Turn The People.”

“Turn The People interweaves several genres that make for an idiosyncratic listening experience”

“Album highlights include haunting opener "Ghost Stories", the gorgeous, searing "Tear Your Hate Apart" and "Downfall", which represents roughly what would happen if Matt Bellamy fronted Evanescence.”

“‘Turn The People’ isn't time-hungry. Easily accessible, the 13 tracks can be enjoyed the first time around. What are you waiting for?”

“Certainly, the orchestral elements to the band's sound are well delivered and the early bars of Afraid to Die could soundtrack the opening scene of the next Bond film.”

“With enough gusto to make your mama cringe a little, Monks of Mellonwah deliver the goods with guttural guitar-drenched anthem “Ghost Stories.””

“Their music is an adventure – not a destination. And this is exactly what Turn The People is – an adventure.”

“..as debuts, this one is phenomenal and even without the qualifier of being a debut, it is truly a great album. Whether it's next month or next year, you're going to want to start listening to the Monks of Mellonwah now so that way when they break through, you can say "I listened to them then."”

“'Ghost Stories,' is a hauntingly produced piece. A unique mixture of influences that invoke thoughts of everything from Radiohead to Red Hot Chili Peppers, the song catches your attention”

“What is it about beach weather that makes bands sound so freakin’ good: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, 311, and now the Monks of Mellonwah.”

"...a fantastic wake-up call that gets more impressive with each spin."

“With uniquely exotic sounds and impeccable vocals, The Monks of Mellonwah is establishing an exciting new twist on alternative rock music that deserves high praise and attention.”

“Effortlessly combining hefty basslines and dramatic percussion with lush soundscapes and synths, "Tear Your Hate Apart" perfectly merges alternative rock, pop and electronic sounds; a testament to the eclectic style of the indie rock quartet”

“If Monks of Mellonwah are putting out music this fine only four years into the game I can only imagine what they’ll be offering up in the next few.”

“Remember the name Monks of Mellonwah, because they're here to take over the music industry. These Australian natives are completely redefining the alternative rock genre with their unique sound and captivating lyrics.”

“In recent years, the music industry has had an extreme shortage of relevant rock bands. Queens of the Stone Age, Muse and Foo Fighters have been standing alone in their charge of bringing straight-up rock and roll to a wide audience. Monks of Mellonwah have the talent and tenacity to be amongst that illustrious group of rockers. Turn the People is an impressive debut album and it serves as a declaration of rock for today into tomorrow.”

“Super excited about these guys and this album" - review of Turn The People”

“Take a great big cooking pot; put in some experimental Incubus, a pinch of epic theatricality from Muse, and spice it up with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Leave to simmer under the baking Australian sun and what do you get? Monks of Mellonwah”

“M.O.M is not your average band and is capable of “turning the people” onto a new blend of alt-rock that’s worth the listen. “Turn The People,” receives an A+!”

“...one of the most impressive rock groups immersing the world of alternative music.”

“The material felt classic in a way that I don’t think most alternative rock has in years, and it was aided in its impact by the outstanding voice of frontman Vikram Kaushik, a gifted individual who recalls both Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis and Incubus’s Brandon Boyd in vocal tone and delivery.”

“There isn't a "bad" song on this album, just songs that capture what these guys do better than others. I think these guys are ready for the masses with this. There is a market for this sort of thing, and if you are a fan of Muse and have some "guilty pop pleasures" on your ipod then these guys are worth your time, they are capable musicians with an excellent sense of catchy melodies.”

“Turn the People is a prime example of what’s needed in the modern rock world; where serenading vocals are actually supported by instrumental talent in the form of hard rock n’ roll”

“Turn the People is a product of the holy matrimony between Vikram Kaushik’s (singer/guitarist) dynamic voice and the band’s brilliant guitar riffs influenced by progressive and psychedelic rock.”

“Now to get to the point, they’re a polished, ultra talented rock band that is going to be the next radio rock creation. It’s just imminent.”

“If I had made a list of the most promising artists of 2013, Monks of Mellonwah, a four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Australia, would almost certainly have been near the top.”

“Their sound cannot be pigeon-holed and each successive sonic offering is a music adventure that takes listeners to another plane that they don’t want to ever leave.”

“Turn the People is an emotional rollercoaster – the kind of album where you’ll hear something new with each play. This band is really getting under my skin.”

“Monks of Mellonwah are now ready. Ready for festivals worldwide, ready for the chart, ready for domination.”

“Compositionally Monks are very well versed musicians, layering songs with multiple guitar lines and (on Ghost Stories) a total tonal shift at the climax of the song that turns into one incredibly SICK repeating guitar riff.”

“This is thoughtful rock for grown-ups.”

“The Monks of Mellonwah prove to be true artists as they experiment with new sounds ranging from rock, electronic and pop influences, all the while always offering emotionally alluring lyrics and stellar vocals.”

“Afraid To Die,” has all the orchestral beats that your standard Bond film theme song would have, but is far better than recent title tracks for flicks like Quantum of Solace or Skyfall.”

“Overall, Afraid To Die, is a top 10 song and EP that should be bought/downloaded and kept in a vault someplace because I think once these guys get in front of the right people, they're going to be viewed as one of the best quarter-piece bands ever.”

“Monks of Mellonwah is by far one of the best, most underrated unsigned bands in the world.”

“They are a bit like the sons of Muse and the Temper Trap.”

“...hard rock fans should take note of Monks Of Mellonwah.”

“Opening up with the title track the band seems to have taken a stab at writing a James Bond theme as the song swaggers and shakes with confidence”

“on Afraid To Die "Every song sounds like it could be the theme song to a summer blockbuster film"”

“The Monks are the love child of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd bred in the land down under and undeniably destined for greatness.”

“on Afraid To Die - "The EP’s title track is its most impressive offering, with a glimmering melodic breakdown in the final third complementing chugging guitars and thick bass. "”

“on Afraid To Die - " The EP is very strong overall, and delivers a wide variety in styles, so there’s definitely something for everyone." -”

"these Monks are on the fast track to some global rock domination…and for damn good reason." - Ritchie Frieman of PensEyeView, October 22, 2013

"Monks of Mellonwah sound like Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chili Peppers merging to write songs for the next Rick Rubin-produced Coldplay album."

"If you still have not heard about the Monks of Mellonwah, you need to get out of your cave"!!

““There’s still a visceral joy to hearing a song like “Ghost Stories”—straightforward and innately hummable for 90% of its runtime—kick into a pyrotechnic guitar breakdown moments before it hits the finish line, or to listening as the John Frusciante-esque harmonies bloom on the chorus of “Vanity” and remind you of what the Peppers were capable of in their younger years.””

"(Afraid To Die) has the band performing over musical flourishes which wouldn’t be out of place on a James Bond soundtrack."

"Australian natives, Monks of Mellonwah, offer a unique fusion of rock, pop and electronic sounds, but what truly attracts me to "Afraid to Die" are those orchestral bursts. Strings. They take this song to the next level. It's almost impossible for me not to picture a jazzy, artistic ballet interpreting the music through movement in the background."

“On Afraid To Die - "Once again the Monks of Mellonwah have produced an excellent EP that offers emotionally charged rock songs that suit any mood."”

"So much of the album is good that it just pops. The vocals are incredible. The song writing is top notch. This is an album of the year contender." The Ripple Effect on 'Afraid To Die' EP

"Sky & The Dark Night is nothing less than symphonic artistry in it's purest and rawest form and serves to irradiate the unbelievable genre-spanning talent possessed by the Monks."

“On Ghost Stories EP- .."it may be the quartet's most commercially realized recording today, which shows them well on their way to bigger and better things."”

“..if Ghost Stories is any indication, the upcoming full-length from these guys is a disc to watch for in 2013’s second half.”

“On Ghost Stories EP - "This is a great EP, and I cannot wait to see what is waiting on the full-length record..."”

"Monks of Mellonwah have returned with something so creative and unique on their new 8 minute and 15 second long music trilogy EP, Sky and the Dark Night, that I doubt very seriously I'll hear anything this awesome from another rock band in 2013."

"After hearing only Sky & The Dark Night and Ghost Stories, I am definitely excited by the prospects of a full album and can’t wait to get my hands on it."

"With Afraid to Die Monks of Mellonwah transcend traditional music and create something magical and tear jerking."

"A Monastery Of Musical Majesty"

Joey Stockey - The Portal Magazine

"The Monks Of Mellonwah are most definitely ones to keep an eye on in 2012."


"The band's music is built upon a core that is comparable to warm and shimmering sound that Eno and Daniel Lanois added to U2's Joshua Tree."

Brooklyn Rock blog

“Ask the average American music fan what they know about rock bands from Australia, and, chances are, they’ll shoot a four-letter word back at you: AC/DC. Well, there’s a rising force in music from down under, and you will need considerably more vowels and consonants to identify this band: Monks of Mellonwah.”

Richard Rosenthal - Screamer Magazine

"The Monks recently won Best Indie Rock Band at the Artists in Music Awards and after listening to their album it's clear why." - Vandala Concepts Magazine

Vandala Concept Magazine

““This four-piece Sydney-based alternative rock and indie band based is making some big waves and it's this song and now video that are a big reason why.””

Pure Grain Audio (on "Swamp Groove")

““This indie band has been gigging heavily for the last 2 years and has played at some of the most respected venues in Sydney including the the Metro and Factory Theatres.””

Kings of A & R Picks

““I am not usually drawn into a band simply because they are up for an award, but Monks of Mellonwah are up for two at the Artists in Music Awards; if ever a nascent band deserves such accolades, this is the band.” –”

Slow Dive Music Blog

"The Monks of Mellonwah can inspire and even educate a typically apathetic listener base

Neufur Magazine

"The blend of psychedelic guitars, heart-pounding drums and forceful-yet-melodic vocals immediately strikes the listener like someone just ripped off the covers on a cold morning." - Ellen Eldridge, Target Audience Magazine

Ellen Eldridge - Target Audience Magazine

““Who doesn’t want to visit Australia? After listening to the new Monks of Mellonwah single “Neurogenesis”, you’ll have one more reason to go. If you enjoy watching a band grow and reach new heights, now is the time to jump on the Monks of Mellonwah bandwagon.” – Indie Music Reviewer Magazine”

Indie Review Magazine

“Funk-rock at its alternatively freest ”

Devon Jackson - freelance reporter and contributor to Rolling Stone magazine - Free lance music writer and reporter

"Monks of Mellonwah are more than just fresh faces! Great production, beautiful lyrics, and music that's more than UNIQUE! Although I mostly deal with R&B and Hip-Hop, Monks of Mellonwah caught my attention as soon as I played "Neurogenesis", which is the diamond of their new release. I already see them doing big things very, very soon!" - Mia Bajin, Avala DSF Music Group

Mia Bajin - Avala DSF Music Group

““I get the feeling this group of guys are not really monks as we know them. I think more along the lines of religiously playing music that you want to hear. Their combination of catchy riffs and blend of Alternative and Prog Rock will bend your ears and mind. It's entertainment at its very best and the musicianship can be appreciated as well”.”