Monkish / Press

"Openers of the day, when stray members were finally coaxed out of the top floor dressing rooms, were London-based weirdoes Monkish. Luckily, we’d seen this lot before, or the mad traffic-cone-gnome, bagpipes and human Christmas tree would have sat badly on top of those mushrooms I had for breakfast. Especially when I noticed the miniature Angus Young from On Trial standing next to us in full costume. Insisting on addressing Amsterdam as ‘Belgium’, Monkish’s delightfully juvenile silliness would have warmed the crowd up nicely had it perhaps not been a bit too early for some of them"

"Back in the Olympia a man dressed in a leather kilt is marching through the crowd playing the theme from Star Wars. This is not an imaginative anti-drugs campaign, but an integral part of fun-time punk band Monkish’s set. Their shouty punk bursts of energy are warmly appreciated, not least because the band have an obvious penchant for fancy dress. There’s a wrestler, a jogger in fishnets and a man of indeterminate usefulness dressed in a cow outfit. As farcical as they look, the music is as amusing as their costumes. Songs about watching “unwankable” porn movies (‘Essex Pub Orgy‘) and your mate getting drunk and relieving himself in a kitchen appliance (‘Microwave’) have even the typically poker-faced stage security team in stitches"