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“She’s clearly at the top of her game here, proof that experience and a relentlessly fluid approach to song-writing will always pay dividends.”

“A deeply sensitive and poignant release by one of the greatest genius artists in the ethereal music universe.”

“Delving deeper into nature and potential of the human spirit through music. It looks like an effective antidote to the social apathy and alienation of our time. Even more if that sonic potion is concocted by the priestess of the underground - and far beyond - Monica Richards.”

“I hope you are able to lie back with headphones, a drink, some spacey incense, and cell phone off. Like some of the great bands of old, Monica has captured the ability to transport you to other worlds. She leaves you totally unaware of the mundane surroundings.”

“An album not to be missed...crafted out of paint, clay, paper, stars, mud and sea....what's left...the journey of a great artist...Monica Richards truly gifted in her craft.”

“Her voice is unique. This woman is just one-of-a-kind: MONICA RICHARDS.”

“NAIADES. The future of DIY music. Stunning graphics and videos, amazing guest musicians and artists, exclusive packaging, but all based around great music!”

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“Monica is ever evolving with a keen sense for poetic expression, and these songs reach to the depths of despair and to the heights of resurrection. Listen to the lyrics and you can actually feel the emotions that Monica puts into her songs. As any true artist can, she’s created an eclectic mix of songs, from music that you can dance to, to a spoken word track that tells a tale that is personal yet relatable.”

“Monica Richards is an original. Starting in her teens fronting punk and hardcore bands in the original DC Hardcore scene (known as the harDCore scene in some clever marketing genius’s head) in the early 80s. Going on to become on of the innovators of the Gothic Rock/darkwave scenes with her groups Strange Boutique and Faith and the Muse she released her first solo album InfraWarrior late 2006. Preparing for the upcoming release of her second full-length solo effort, she released The Strange Familiar EP containing four new tracks and a remix of “A Good Thing””

“All in all, ‘The Strange Familiar’ makes you to want more. Monica Richards showed again her talent beside FAITH AND THE MUSE and leaves the audience with a great hunger for the upcoming release ‘Naiades’.”

““The Strange Familiar” admirably does the job of whetting the listener’s appetite for the new album, while existing as a satisfying short work that stands on its own.”

“MONICA RICHARDS I am very much in a new stage of my life, to be sure!”