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“They might not be a pack of cross-bred dogs, but Mongrel's potent mix of punk and metal certainly packs a vicious bite."”

"It’s like Skin from Skunk Anansie has just walked in and joined forces with Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey as the band grind out a huge slab of orgasmatronic heavy rock."

“One of "25 Artists That Made 2013 Rock"”

“one of metal’s best ‘undiscovered secrets’”

"This menacing song (Bored to Death) from the aggressive female fronted hard rockers from Boston, Massachusetts is the opening track from their blistering latest full length, "Reclamation."

“If The Misfits and Metallica collaborated on a Guns N’ Roses tribute album, with members of Motorhead and Nickelback joining in the fray, it might sound similar to Mongrel’s latest EP The New Breed of Old School.”

"'Reclamation' is an awesome album chock full of snot nosed, stiff upper lipped punk anthems with some tasty hard rock licks thrown into the mix." - Ian Weber (90.3 WKRB F.M.)

Ian Weber (90.3 WKRB F.M.) - Ian Weber (90.3 WKRB F.M.)

“This is a band to make sure you check out as simply, you won’t be disappointed!”

"Fans of punk-tinged metal a la Motorhead are going to find plenty to love here." "You may have heard these songs before, but until you hear this EP, you've never heard them played to their full potential." (4 out of 5 skulls)

“In a nutshell, it's a bomb blast of an EP that'll have you reaching for the loop button to hear 'em again and again.”

““Revenge” is another example of how this band continues to evolve and layer in more intellectual lyrical writing and dexterous musicality. By any account this album is yet another example of how kickass rock should sound and how the production should showcase that music flawlessly.”

"If anybody knows about musical car crashes it's me! Mongrel embodies all that is great about punk rock. Their music sweats pure angst, driven by an audible destruction that is in rare form these days. And then there's the live show....wear a helmet!" - Piggy D., bassist, Rob Zombie

Piggy D (Rob Zombie bassist) - personal quote

““Mongrel is hands down the hardest working punk rock machine in New England. With their aggressive work ethics, high-energy live shows and pure dedication to the mission, Even nuclear war could not stop these guys....check them out!””

Joe O'Brien (Rat Pak Records owner) - personal quote

“ “Mongrel take the DIY ethic of Black Flag, the anthems of the Misfits and throw a low slung Les Paul on it like Gn’R!””

Acey Slade (ex- Trashlight Vision/Dope/Murderdolls/Amen/Wednesday13) - personal quote

“It's about time someone did something unique. This is a must-hear band and I highly recommend them."”

Sugarbuzz Magazine

“Mongrel is in a class of their own and coming to a theater near you. Keep an eye out and check out their music today. ”

Metal Warrants.com

"this is a killer hard core rock record, check it out & experience what real underground rock is about in 2008!

Rock N' Roll Experience

“This band will bring a smile to your face and have your first pumping from beginning to end. They don’t make records like this anymore.”

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