Money For Rope / Press

“Melbourne’s own Money For Rope kicked off the festivities, entertaining the small yet appreciative crowd that had gathered early with their unique blend of garage and soul. Their music is cool, very much suited to the Hi-Fi atmosphere, and they seemed to be having fun with their set, and being a part of a striking bill.”

Faster Louder

“It took me all of the two songs on Money For Rope’s self-titled EP for me to decide that I was a fan. The six-piece have created Slow Dance and No.18 - two great atmospheric tunes laced with catchy, lovable, hummable riffs. On the B Side, No.18 takes a little while to warm into. Though a shorter song than the first, it takes a lot longer to kick off. On first listen, it feels as though it’s going to be an instrumental. Indeed, the vast majority of the song is lyric-free. When the singing does kick in for the final 20 something seconds of the song they’re uninspired. “I’m at number 18 with an historic door” I believe is the line that comes out eventually. The song seems to have grown on me, with every bar or so adding another layer. I loved Slow Dance from the outset. It seems to paint such a beautiful picture. A lonely soul, swaying drunkenly in an empty bar, idle hands occupied by whiskey and cigarette. I look forward to hearing what else Money For Rope have in store. ”

"the first thing you'll notice about Money For Rope is that they have two drummers. The second thing you'll notice is that they rock with the kind of power not often seen outside Japanese cartoons about guys with big hair shooting fireballs at each other. One of the highlights of the evening was the back and forth between the two drummers, at times working together to weave huge sweeping rhythms, at others battling it out ingladiatorial rock combat. The crowd ate it up with a spoon, jumping around between swigs of beer and generally having a damn good time. They were perhaps the most well-received of the evening, and have certainly earned their place on the already-legendary Splendour in the Grass lineup for later this year."