Moneta / Press

““The Only Constant” shows growth not only in Moneta’s sound, but in their musical direction. The album is a promising start to their 2014 year and is a testament to fans of their passion, energy and devotion to creating enjoyable music. Each song from the 14-track album is a winner. The lyrics, rhythm, and vocals are all on point. The sound is full of energy that is explosive; constantly getting you to dance and rock out even on the first listen. It is a must have.”

“If you are looking for one of the best rock albums released this year. This is it.”

“The musicianship is refreshingly technical, and with complex arrangements and generous string sections, Moneta is nothing short of massive. Where a tragic number of rock releases are frontloaded with the goods, ‘The Only Constant’ maintains excellence through and through.”

“The bottom line is that “The Only Constant” flows seamlessly throughout, is expertly recorded and packed full of incredible harmonies, catchy hooks and truly life inspired lyrics.”

“One of the best Seattle bands of the last decade...”

Peter Blecha - Former Senior Curator at Experience Music Project (EMP)

“Reminds me of driving down the highway in California with the windows down in the summer, it definitely has the upbeat summer vibe to it. Addictive lyrics, rousing guitar riffs and some seriously incredible drumming. ”

“Moneta know how to come off a hiatus. They recorded a full length album, filmed a music video, had a photoshoot, and booked a comeback show all in complete secrecy. "Save Me From Myself" will get stuck in your head. Moneta is at the top of their game with their songwriting. I'm excited to see where this new album goes for them.”

“Moneta has had a cult following in their hometown of Seattle Washington, boasting more energy live then I’ve seen in ages (check them out on YouTube for yourselves). A band’s music is only as good as their live performance, and Moneta definitely delivers live – their cd sound doesn’t do them proper justice.”